Ah, Christmas.



Pine Smelling.

Presents under the tree.

Sweet little faces pillowed in chins, gazing at the ornaments, and the smell of sugar cookies scenting the air.

Yep. I love it.

But one of the things I also love is carefully thinking about what to give each and every person in my family. Since I have many gifts under wrap already, sporting bows, and waiting for a day that is just about two weeks away, I thought I would share some of the golden simple ideas I found for fabulous homemade gifts with you.


Blessings to you and yours,

(And Merry Christmas!)



You know those gorgeous stars that everyone keeps commenting on that are in my Etsy shop? Well here is the simple and sweet pattern you can follow if you are a crocheter. Next just add some ribbon and a little decoration around the edges, and you will have some beautiful Christmas stars. Otherwise, head over here and pick a couple up.



This one is a favorite of my girls, because they love to put them out on Christmas morning and make sure the little birds get a treat celebrating the birth of Jesus as well. Not hard to make, and the birds LOVE them!



Ok, this next one, face it, you read the blog of someone who absolutely loves jars, loves putting things in jars, and loves giving away gifts in a jar because I am hoping I might create the same addiction in another human being. So seriously, head over to this link to check out a ton of awesome, quick, and memory-making ideas of gifts you can create in a jar.



I don’t suppose that any of my awesome readers are knitters are they? because if you are not, then you will want to be when you see the line up of adorable soft toys, and free patterns on the next link I am sharing with you. Oh, and if anyone is interested, I would like a pink elephant please.



Now for the frugal among us, this next link has absolutely everything for every budget, and the creative ideas will blow your mind. I mean, who doesn’t love the dollar store and the great deals you can get? And for folks like me, who walk into a dollar store and start getting a buzz just because I can come up with a million and one creative ideas on what to re-purpose things into…well, just consider this next link our very own “Pinterest”.



This next craft is gorgeous, and perfect for those artsy tree lovers who get their chance to display their collections at Christmas time. I can remember doing this craft with my mother and the daycare kids when I was about ten, and am thrilled to be sharing it with my oldest this coming week as our home school craft. Easy, and the result is just beautiful.



OK, admit it, how many of us have sweaters sitting in our closets at home that we just can’t let go of because they were a favorite, no matter that they got shrunk in the dryer, or too holey to wear anywhere other than a movie night on the couch? I fell in love with this next idea, and there is special someone on my list who is getting this beautiful re-purposing of an old favorite sweater.



Or how about those in our lives who love to be pampered? Who are drawn to the shops filled with scents and lotions, who burn candles and slather themselves in lotion, etc? I happen to have a lot of those on my list this year, and when I came across this link from one of my favorite bloggers, I was all over it. I have these little babies waiting to be loaded into stockings in a couple weeks, and the smell is driving me crazy. Maybe I should get out the one I hid for myself, right?



And of course, what would any great link on Christmas gifts be without a couple more links that lead you to 87 more ideas?