I know that headline is rather head spinning, but with what I learned last night at a fabulous natural cleaning and beauty products class, I felt it was very very appropriate. Health and Wellness are very very important to me, as many of you know from reading and following this blog the last three years.

So let’s just say that the more I listen and tuned in, the more stunned I was by the things I was learning, because it was put in such simple terms that anyone could understand it.

For example, the title of this article comes from the very first thing I learned in the class. Did you know that anything you put on your skin, for good or for bad, enters your bloodstream, bypassing your kidneys and liver, within 26 seconds?

That is a pretty darn sobering thought.

Now for those of us that support whole body health with many different alternatives, such as essential oils, we understand that fact and rely on it for quick response to anything in our bodies getting out of balance.

But you know what? A lot of us never think the other way, and consider–do we know everything that is in the products that we put on our skin? And hair? And brush our teeth with? Or how about what we bathe with?

We are so careful what we eat. We are careful to choose the best foods, and the best products, drink lots of water, try to lose weight with exercise and healthy eating, but we never think about the other products we use on a daily basis that could be flooding our systems with toxic chemicals, some of which our bodies simply can not get rid of.

Consider this, most women use between 12 and 15 personal  products a day. I thought that was high, until I started counting them. How about eight for starters? Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens solution, mascara, lip balm. That right there is my beauty regimen, take it or leave it. We are not even talking about the dish soap I use, or the stuff I put in my hair, and I am already up to eight products in my personal care of myself.

Then I found out last night, that only 7%!!!!!!!!! of companies that provide products for personal health and wellness, as well as cleaning solutions for our homes actually have a complete list on file of what is in their ingredients. The rest consider it trade secrets or simply choose not to file the lists of products used because they are not required to.

And that my friends, is a rather scary proposition.

Especially when you start learning what some of the chemicals are that are used in personal products. For example—I have bad reactions to sulfates. SLS is a chemical that is included in almost every product on the market that needs to have a foaming agent. It is a skin irritant, eye irritant, and is used in many other heavy duty uses, such as cleaning engine parts. It is used in testing in controlled amounts to irritate skin so that they can then test to see which products they are developing “heal” the skin the best.


And no where, no where in nature, will you find this chemical concoction being used other than what we create in an attempt to smell better, lather better, and stay clean longer.

Or how about Aluminum? You know, that metal that causes toxicity and buildup and now is being found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s Patients in considerable quantity, and they are frantically trying to research into it to see if that is part of the reason that terrible disease has become an epidemic of major proportions for our elderly generations?

Yeah. That ingredient is the main stabilizer in over 90% of the deodorants on the market. Including the ones I use, my daughter uses, my husband uses, and my mother uses. It keeps the deodorant from drying out, and blocks perspiration so we don’t sweat.


Maybe some of you know this. Maybe you could teach a class and share a ton with me, and I would sit back and thank you with tears. But I am betting there are a whole host of folks who read this blog who have NO IDEA HOW BAD IT REALLY GETS. Who have issues and illnesses and an awful lot of them can be traced back directly to the products that you are using and I am using.

So for those folks, I want to invite you to another class. I want you to come and see the same information for yourself. I want you to know, to be an educated consumer, and see for yourself what we are being inundated with—and why you are struggling with the health problems you are dealing with. I know you will walk away learning something.

I have been doing this natural healing, and make-your-own-products, and teaching for far longer than three years, and I learned more than I know what to do with.

So please, join me. Comment and let me get you an invitation to the next one on the schedule.

Blessings to you and yours,