Good morning everyone! 


Are you excited for the next step forward 

in your food storage ideas for meals?

I am thrilled to share with you so many of these ideas simply because here I am laying out for you the base that I had to scratch around to find before I could get started using our food storage….and here it is right at your fingertips.


Best of all, you are going to hear from others over the next couple days about the meals that they themselves love to use in food storage. Awesome ideas. Excellent recipes.


So lets get started, shall we? If you are looking for the other 5 days of this theme, they are listed at the end of this article. Be sure to head back and browse through them, because they are really getting a lot of attention and awesome comments!




Remember all that flour and such I had you purchase as part of your month of food storage for four people? Well, my friends, this is where you start using it.

You can either leave it in the large bags, transfer into a bucket, OR, do as I do and split it between master mixes and bagged mixes just like you would purchase in the stores. Learn how to do a few simple basics, like tortillas, muffins, bread, and you are set for keeping that family fed and happy, even with a job loss, or other personally catastrophic event.


Here are links to some of those basics, 

most right here on The Welcoming House:



Yep, and there are a lot more, you just have to search for what you are looking for.


Now let’s talk about meals that use up those beans 

you bought in bulk.

Remember, to use beans, you need to get them ready for cooking one of two ways. Either soak them overnight in water, drain and then start from there with that for your recipe, OR, you can heat them to boiling for an hour, drain the liquid, and start the recipe from that point. Personally, I prefer making my own instant canned beans via this recipe, but otherwise would choose the overnight method because I think it turns out a much better product.

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Here are my ideas for Bean recipes:

15 bean Soup: follow directions on package


Ps–Just to make your own chips, you can cut up an already cooked tortilla into wedges and fry or bake into chips. Super simple, but makes for very happy kids. 🙂


And if you are looking for simple ideas to use your canned meat and veggies, here are a couple that we make all the time. These would use your potato flakes or a biscuit crust over the top, canned meat, and canned veggies:

Green Bean Casserole: meat on bottom, two cans of green beans next layer, pour one can of cream of mushroom soup mixed with dry milk and water over top (or make your own cream soup using flour and milk using this recipe), salt, pepper, and onion salt, then top with a biscuit crust. Be sure to make room for the filling to expand or you will have one heck of a mess to clean up in the bottom of your oven.

Shepherd’s Pie: normally beef, this can also be made with chicken or canned turkey. Grease pan, put in meat, add two cans corn, seasoned with salt and pepper, shake gravy packet over top of corn, add liquid according to package. Smooth mashed potatoes over top, and bake in 350* oven for 45 minutes until potatoes are starting to brown around edges and it is bubbly in middle.

Taco Cornbread Bake: meat or black beans on bottom, rice and canned Mexican tomatoes is the next layer, and then cornbread batter poured over the top. Bake in 350* oven for one hour. If you have it, serve it with cheese and sour cream. If not, it is still wonderful and filling. We often substitute homemade Greek yogurt for sour cream, and you can make your own using only dry milk and a small carton of plain yogurt using this recipe.


And then of course, we can talk about Pasta combinations all day if you want. And we can not forget what to make with those cans of fruit, or boxes of dried milk, right?

 What about desserts?

Or even more dinner ideas?


Let’s save some of those ideas for tomorrow.

See you right back here tomorrow to hear from other readers, including my amazing big brother, who has gotten quite good at coming up with meal ideas from his food storage.


Blessings to you and yours,