We do a lot of things differently around here.

If you have been reading our blog for even a short period of time you know we tend to be as self-sufficient as possible, educated and curious in alternatives, and determined to give our kids the least toxin filled upbringing as we can.

Yes, this sets us apart from a lot of contemporaries…but that is very quickly changing.

Essential oils, and their use in the average home, has absolutely taken off in the last 5 years as they have become more noticed, and widely available. More and more families are seeing their benefit as they learn about them and begin to use them in their home.

We were one of those families.

You can learn more about our story here, because I don’t want to take up this whole post with all that jazz when we already have it someplace for the new person who hasn’t heard it yet.

For our family, essential oils have been a total game changer.

And because of that, because of my years of education and experience with them, I would like to share with you some fabulous recipes to use with your kids as you head back into the school year!

I also have an opportunity for you to get your own set of amazing Kids’ roll ons in a tin for free from me…but more about that later on here!

Let talk about ways to keep our kids happy and healthy for the school year!

(1) Wake up Blend for Moms AND Kids

*Did you know that citrus oils can have a powerful effect not only on your mood, but on how quickly your brain wakes up? So many personal care products that are touted as having a citrus blend in them are created because of the many studies that have been done on Citrus scents and the human body. I love to put this diffuser blend into our diffuser the night before…because as I blearily make my way to the coffee pot it takes one push of a button…and pretty soon everyone is up…and HAPPY about being up. #momforthewin

In an essential oil diffuser, place the following:

3 drops Tangerine Essential Oil (see my choice here)

2 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

Fill diffuser to specified water level and let it run.

Ok, well what about helping kids NOT miss school because of all the things that can bring their immune system into play during the winter? Wouldn’t you like a simple way to help support that from home, even when you can’t be there? This simple roll on recipe is one we keep on hand every year, and my kids get it on their feet every night before bed, and every morning before they head out the door.

(2) Happy Healthy Child Roll On

In a 10 ml roll on bottle combing the following

10 drops Thieves Essential Oil

2 drops Oregano Essential Oil (see my choice here)

Top with your choice of carrier oil, such as Grapeseed or Almond oil. We most often apply to the feet morning before school and before bed.

(Pssssssst….this ^^^comes with a free Peppermint and Tangerine oil when ordered..)

I love the ease and beauty of being able to diffuse in my home, knowing it smells great, but that it also benefits my children’s health at the same time. No more smelly sprays or aerosol toxins with a much better value. This recipe is one we use often in our home because even Moms have a hard time focusing sometimes…so for that mid-afternoon slump (if you are a WAHM mom like me) or for helping the kiddos get through that homework after a long day at school, pop this recipe into your diffuser and let it go!

(3) Laser Focus Recipe for the diffuser in your home

In your home Essential Oil Diffuser, place the following:

3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (purchase here)

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Top your diffuser with water to its specified amount, and let it run! We put our diffuser on the intermittent setting and let it run for a couple hours!

For all of my lovely Welcoming House member, I am running a special through September 30th for anyone who is interested in learning more and getting started with using Essential Oils in their home.

For every person who starts from now until then with our standard starter kit for families, you will receive a set of Kids’ Roll Ons for School, with blends already ready to go for you that include sleep support, immune support, and a few others for a value of more than $50.

For more information, please send me a message over on our Facebook page<—click here and I will connect with you.

If you are familiar with essential oils and know you just want to get started <—click here, and come join a thriving community of many families learning together. Starting with our YL Starter Kit means I automatically send you a tin of the kids’ roll ons! Woot woot!

If you want to come to a free class online where you can learn about it, check out our classes on September 9th! We will be having 2 more class available through September and will update this post as we go! 😀

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3