As the long warm days of summer pass and the shorter, crisper days of Fall greet me each morning, I am reminded that all too soon we will be watching carefully who comes into our home, staying at home when we are struggling with illnesses, and considering carefully how much exposure to illness we will have.

But the thing missing this year, and last, is the overwhelming fear we had that one visit to the wrong place and our oldest daughter would end up in the hospital.

Some of the reasons that fear is gone now is because I have determined to educated myself and empower myself to take our health, and the support of it, more into my own hands over that time period.  In that time period I have learned more about how our bodies work, what constitues and supports REAL health, what items mask symptoms, and what ones support the body’s innate ability to heal.

It has been an amazing journey, and every day, I wake up thankful for the opportunity, and the decision to get started.  Learning about herbs, and natural products, learning how to use Essential Oils and Oil-infused products from a wonderful company, etc, have all been huge pieces of this journey.

Even better is seeing the difference in my family over that time, in particular my oldest daughter. I am constantly confronted with it when she encounters someone who has a severe cold.

Does she still get sick? Of course she does. After all, as far as I know, there is no single magic bullet anywhere in either the natural or pharmaceutical world that can keep you from being sick, ever. If there was, we would, of course, be finding out more about it.

However, choosing to learn and understand how our bodies work is something we have, in our culture, passed off to someone else. We dont know the what or the why, we choose not to listen to our bodies and instead just medicate them to the point that we no longer hear what we have to say.

As a culture, it has had catastrophic impact on our health, wellness, and families.

I chose to take a different road a few years ago, and what I have seen and learned has made me passionate about sharing this with other families.

So what are three things that we use in our home starting this time of year to boost immune systems?

Chiropractic Care

In moving, it was a challenge finding a good, solid chiropractor that had a grasp of all the different pieces of boosting and maintaining natural health. Look for one that understands the role of nutrition, natural alternatives like herbs/essential oils, and things like sleep. We were SO blessed to find someone almost immediately here and get our kids in. Even better, we also found a pediatrician who we can work with in the area that not only supports chiropractic care, but also in the same process of beginning to understand the natural ways of supporting the human body. It has been fodder for some fascinating conversations, this is for sure! I love it when you can find doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel that are on their own journey, and open, or engaging conversations about pairing two different approaches to health in their own practices!

Elderberry Syrup and Young Living Thieves’ Oil

One is a simple recipe I make every year (and you can find my blog post recipe right here if you want to get started on it yourself). The other is the first Essential oil I tried on our family that made me start my sincere and devoted journey into the use of Essential oils. I find both are great pieces to have in my arsenal when it comes to boosting health and wellness, and I wish you were here in person to see the phenomenal difference in my children over those two years we have been using both of these items. I often have web classes online for moms and parents seeking how to help their children naturally, as well as send out samples to people all over the United States of Thieves oil or another oil we use in our home. I am open to sending you one and following up if you are interested.  Thieves oil, a patented and proprietarty blend offered by Young Living Essential Oils, has made such a difference when it comes to helping us get over the common colds that hit every family, because the herbs in the blend are well known immune boosters. We both diffuse it, and take it in warm tea, to help keep our family on the wellness side of the line. 😀

The Elderberry Syrup is something you take a small amount of every day, but do not take on weekends to give your body a chance to rest. A powerful component of boosting our immune systems, this simple syrup is tasty, and easy to make. You can find all the instructions in the blog link I highlighted above.


There are some awesome well read studies out there on the effect of different foods that can suppress your immune system. One HUGE one for our family was learning just exactly what happens to your body when you consume sugar. White sugar is by far the worst. I could write a whole blog post on this subject (and I might), but I would really encourage you to do your own research. Sugar is, and can be found, in everything. I was surprised a couple years ago to learn that even certain brands of MILK, something we consider a staple ingredient in our house, have added sugar to make it more palatable for consumers.


Yeah, that was the reaction I had.

Anyhow, figuring out how to get more vegetables, and healthy fats into my family, cutting back on anything processed (and therefore chemical filled), and making sure we were not exposing ourselves to more chemical overload that would depress our immune systems had made all the difference.

So, does it take more time to live like this? Is it hard work to begin this journey and take on doing many of these things on my own?

I love it when I get that question.

I guess it all depends on what price you want to put on a healthy, strong, vibrantly well family.

For  me, that was priceless. And that is why I share what I do.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3

PS—If you want a sample of the Thieves oil we use, please comment and I will contact you. 😀 If you want to attend one of my webinars please also comment, or you can listen to this one I have recorded on Youtube. :D <3