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Well, if you were with us yesterday, then you know that we had a FABULOUS day full of lots of readers, lots of recipes, and lots of great ideas where folks were able to talk and share what they had learned over on the Facebook page.


Today we are going to move right into pasta dishes or combinations, then from there into rice dishes, and also share an awesome soup recipe for those of you who like soups or stews and want to learn how to use them from food storage.


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Are you ready?

Here we go!


Pasta/Biscuit dishes:



(drop the sausage, and use that evap milk instead of half and half or cream

to thicken this recipe up)



Chicken Fettucine Alfredo: Can chicken, egg noodles, canned veggies or frozen veggies, and alfredo sauce. Cook noodles, drain and add chicken and veggies to the sauce, season to taste, and serve.




PS, don’t forget to use the recipe from yesterday on how to make your own biscuits…..



Chipped Beef over Noodles/ mashed Potatoes…we use the canned chipped beef that you can purchase on the shelf in the grocery store. It is very salty and does not require much to make a good, solid meal.



Cowgirl Macaroni and Cheese: same recipe as above but add a jar of salsa, and some meat or black beans if you have it. SO good.




Rice based Dishes:


Mexican Rice (use black beans instead of chicken)








And then along comes a brother who when asked, comes up with some seriously amazing meals that he really enjoys. Plus a website for all of you to try…..


Recipe One:  Slow Cooker White Bean Soup


Recipe Two: One Pot Wonder Meal (he does not use the dried onions)


Recipe Three: Alla Putanesca, Gluten Free







And finally an amazing site he wants to recommend because it uses ALL PANTRY ITEMS for 75+ meals. Sounds like a winner to me, check it out here.


Now finally for a wonderful, fulfilling, and amazing dish from my friend Elizabeth of P.G. Farms, in my home state of Colorado, her awesome and delicious dish:


Loaded Broccoli Cheese Soup!!


I’ve decided to use some of our prepping items, and then tell you about them. What is the use of having food storage if you don’t know how to use it? What can be better then having someone test if for you? Even better having recipes to make your food storage into easy meals? To begin I have started with a tried and true recipe we really like around here. We love Augason Farms Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix. It is wonderful to have on hand, and has a shelf life of 10 years.

Loaded Broccoli and Cheese Soup

4 Servings.

2/3 cup Soup Mix

3 1/2 cups Water

1lb Ground Beef

1 cup Green Beans

1/2 cup Carrots

Mix water and soup mix. Turn stove on and bring to a boil.

Add green beans and carrots.

Boil 13 minutes.

Brown ground beef. 

Add ground beef to soup.


I served our soup with Grilled Cheese Pull-A-Parts. This was a very satisfying dinner!

Thanks Heather for the chance to guest blog on your 

page! I hope you enjoy this post..


Oh Elizabeth I did. I LOVE Broccoli Cheese soup. For those of you who are wondering about the brand, you can find that here. It is not an affiliate link for me, and just shows you where you can get it.

But guess what?

Come back tomorrow as we round up the recipes for food storage with soups, bread based meals,  and everyone’s VERY favorite, desserts. You know you want to.

And who wants to eat off their food storage without dessert?

What is one dessert you simply could not go without if you had to live off of food storage like I listed here. Answer in comments and I will try to share a recipe for you tomorrow!

Blessings to you and yours,