Happy Make-It-Yourself-Monday Morning 
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I had a busy weekend trying to potty train two Littles and that took up a majority of my time, instead of being able to blog, so I just relied on your generosity to wait for me to get my ducks in a row on the Meals in a Jar recipes.
Today’s recipes are going to be ones that are pressure canned.
But the next two days will be all sorts of ones, and you will need to check back
 to see what we have for you!
So Surprise! This week you get THREE full days of Meals (or mixes) that can be made up and set on the shelf for future use….totally streamlining your prep and cooking time! These are such a huge time saver for me, and I am glad to be able to share them with you!
Our top Five pressure canned Meals in a Jar around the Welcoming House are:
Sweet and Sour Chicken (or Pork)
Beans and Ham
Layered Chicken Vegetable Soup
Beef Stew
Chicken Potato Corn Chowder
Now some of these we have already covered, sometime in the last year, and so you will find links right to those posts. But a few of these are relatively “new” in what we eat (read that as in within the last year I began making it, canning it, and loving it) and so you will have those recipes right here. It is hard to choose just five, because we have a lot of these kind of recipes just waiting on the shelf to be used, and from soup, to stew, to taco filling, to stroganoff stuff, seriously, we have it made into a mix, or a jar ready to go. Many of these recipes are from other friends, or bloggers, and I will include a link to their site along with their recipe so you can browse through their blogs.
I hope that you find these recipes as easy and delicious as we do!

You can find the rotating display listing all my tools that are used weekly or daily, right below the recipes, and let me thank you in advance for your support of my family through your purchases. 🙂

Many Blessings to you and yours,
Beans and Ham
 8 pounds white beans washed soaked 12 hours
5qts tomato sauce
4 cups finely chopped onion
1.5 lbs brown sugar
1 cup molasses
1 tsp black pepper
8 T salt
1 T ground powdered mustard
1T cinnamon
2 pounds chopped ham chunks that you have fried up.
Mix all these things together, then ladle into jars, leaving each 3/4 full as the beans will expand as they cook during the process. You can also substitute hot dogs for the ham, but I have found these swell significantly during the canning process and often do not seal properly, creating waste. It would be better to can without meat and add those later if you wish.
Pressure can 10 pounds pressure (or whatever is right for your altitude) for 1.5 hours.
Makes about 30 pints.
Layered Chicken Vegetable Soup
by Marty Junker @ JunkersJunk Blog

Here are the ingredients, but there is a lot of room for variations among the vegetables. Amounts are approximate for a one-quart jar:

1 cup cubed potatoes (peeled, raw)
1 cup sliced/cubed carrot
2/3 cup corn

2/3 cup green beans
1/2 cup cooked chicken meat (reserve the broth)
1 Tablespoon (or more if you like) Onion
2 Tablespoons chopped fresh Roma tomatoes
1/2 Chicken bullion Cube
Cook the chicken in seasoned, simmering water for about 20 minutes.
Remove bones and excess fat, and cut into chunks.
I used baby carrots which made it easier to chop into a consistent size.
The corn and green beans were frozen. I wouldn’t suggest using already-canned green beans or corn because they are going to cook AGAIN for a long time.
  The potatoes were cut to about 3/4 inch cubes.
  Layer each of these ingredients into a one-quart canning jar. Alternate darker and lighter colors for a good look to your layers. I arranged mine in this order;
potato, carrot, green bean, chicken, corn, tomato, onion.
  Cover with the broth that you made when you cooked the chicken meat, leaving 1 inch of head space. PRESSURE CAN at 10 lbs for 90 minutes, or adjust for your altitude.
Beef Stew
 In every Quart jar place the following, in this order:
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp basil leaves, dried and crushed
1/4 tsp sea salt and black peppercorns
1 bay leaf
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
Add in the following order:
1 cup beef or venison chunks (I sear mine for a short time)
1 cup carrot coins
1/4 cup onion dices
1/4 cup celery dices
1/2 cup potato dices
Fill to top with boiling beef stock. Wipe rims with cloth dipped in vinegar, and place warmed sterile lids on top of jars. Place ring, tighten, and place into pressure canner. Process for 90 minutes at pressure for your elevation. To serve, we add another pint of home canned potatoes, just to bulk it up a little, but it really is just a heat and eat kinda meal. Also fantastic if you put a couple into a 9X13 pan, cover with a bunch of cut-out biscuits, and bake for 35 minutes on 350*.
Chicken Potato Corn Chowder 
(to make this you need corn cob stock, which you can find here )
Chicken Potato Corn Chowder
In each Quart jar place:
3/4 cup cubed red potatoes, 3/4 cup diced chicken, and 1 cup corn kernels
Top with Corn Cob Soup Stock (above) leaving 1/2″ headspace.
Wipe rims,top with warm lids and rings, and process for 90 minutes in a pressure canner at pressure you should be using for your elevation (mine is 11 lbs).
download July 2012 413
Sweet and Sour Chicken