Yesterday, as I finished bagging up the last of our bulk goods purchased from our yearly stock up trip, I had a surprise visit from a friend.

As I have been rather home-bound with this recent physical challenge, it is always a wonderful thing to see other people outside of my family! Like most of my friends, she grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to help me finish doing what I was doing.
Inevitably, the question I always get, from everyone who has not tried it, came: “WHY do you do this? I mean, is it really worth the time and effort you put into it? Do you really save MONEY by doing it this way?”
Ah dear friends, how often I have answered that question with a desire to simply help people understand WHY we do things this way. Often my long explanations fall on deaf ears, and people go their merry way willing to trade money for a far inferior product, loaded with chemicals and stabilizers, fillers and additives…and call me a little loopy.

But not this friend. She is determined that she should have listened to me a couple years ago when started on this path, and joined me instead of having been watching me as our physical position became more stable and hers got worse. She is determined to learn and get started and I am so darn proud of her!

Do Master Mixes save you money? Well…………you decide. You can run my numbers if you want, but the reality is, hard work still pays off in the end when it comes to taking care of your family, in my book.
Not to mention, the cost of food is climbing and will continue to do so as we run out of resources, our west coast is burning and not producing, meat is going up, and the source of most of our veggies and fruit in the southern hemisphere will soon be drying up. My friend Ray wrote an article for his magazine the other day that got a lot of attention over on Facebook, and I would like you to read it too.

Simply said, master mixes not only save time but health as you know exactly what is going into them.

For example, even on great sales, cake mixes are now around $1, occasionally less if they are short coded, meaning ready to expire. Filled with less than 3 cups of material, the amount of fillers and stabilizers would stun you if you actually read the back of the box and then googled it.
Then you have my Master Cake mix, which incidentally, has about the same amount of product size wise, but easily makes a lot more cake! It contains flour, sugar, baking power, a touch of salt, and a touch of cornstarch, which can be any brand you choose. Difference is, it costs me about 30 cents to make one up that will easily make a 9×13 pan or three 9″cake pans for a great cake or one to share.

Each of the Master Mixes in my book saves you substantial money, and while they take time, they sure are fun projects for you and your kids or loved ones, because a family that works together appreciates the blessings that come from hard work together. My Littles stir, my oldest measures, I bag up the mixes (because we only keep one open container in the house at a time, then grab another bag and fill it up) and my mother writes information on the bags.
Here is a sneak peek of the recipes that are in the five different categories that the Master Mix Way covers…….50 recipes in all!

Like to bake? What about having recipes for: cookies, muffins, scones, biscuits, pancakes, waffles brownies, tortillas, cornbread, cake quick breads, or pie crusts?

Like to cook and get rid of those little packets? How about recipes for: different gravies, puddings, shake it and bake it mix, rice/noodle mixes. Helping Hand Hamburger mixes or your own packets of instant oatmeal?

Looking for some awesome soup mixes to take off the shelf and throw in the crockpot or pan? Instant mixes like Chicken Noodle, ABCs and Veggies, Beef and Barley, Turkey and Brown Rice, Tarragon Tomato and the classic Calico Bean soup?

Seasoning Mixes are one of the worst things for additives and fillers, but did you know you can make awesome versions at home that are just as good and far better for you? What about replacing Taco mix, Curry Master Seasoning, Chili that is “sweet and Sassy”? Spaghetti sauce, apple pi spice, pumpkin pie spice, herbal shake on mix, ranch dressing or mesquite BBQ seasoning mix are also a part of this section and get used all the time in my house! All of those are in the book, and right at your fingertips.

Finally I included a section on coffee and drink mixes, such as flavored creamers, hot cocoa, Russian team, instant cappuccino, and Chai tea! Al have variations that expand the category to cover all sorts of options!

Simply put, these mixes(and others) are ones we use monthly or daily in our home, and being able to whip something up from ingredients I can pronounce, plus saving money to boot, is one of the things I am very thankful for and want to share with you! If you use the code “50MasterMixes” when checking out, it knocks the price of The Master Mix Way down to $4.00  or $6.00 for the two  different versions of the book. You can order the book right here ad get started today saving money on groceries, while feeding your family!

For the PDF version, normally $8.00 (now $4)

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Don’t forget to use the code 50MasterMixes to get your discount!

I have also recently been approached by others asking if the books can be bought in bulk for teaching classes. My answer to that is absolutely, please just send me a message about it and I will get right back to you!

May this book bless your home and help you shave money off a quickly growing grocery bill!!!

Blessing to you and yours,