Happy Friday!!!
I wanted to do a short post and show you one of the things that has been happening around here this week at the real Welcoming House. As many of you know, from reading, we moved into this house almost one year ago in October!
Hard to believe it has been a full year…..almost……
The Handy Hubby working on the walls of the upstairs bathroom…
But as I sure you understand, when you have moved 10 times in nine years, finally getting settled somewhere is just the start of all of the work that begins, right?
With all the canning, dehydrating, etc, that I do, it has been challenging to find time to post this week, let alone tackle a few of those jobs. But I have some very lovely children, and one young man who I just WISH was really mine (although he says he is already adopted and I cant get rid of him anyhow.)

Yesterday, as I was trying to balance a week full of teaching school, toddlers, piano lessons, household chores and meals, etc etc etc, that precious young man went “trolling” on my page, saw a link, and got busy pulling a few things together for me.

September 2012 118
they are put on simple strips of white paper, and identify my jars of dried items…
my new dried foods cabinet–so pretty, and so easy to find everything!

But it gets better—someone else has done all the work in making these gorgeous labels! Would you like to check them out? Well then, just click the link below and head on over there! The original article came from LimeSpot.com and this was the pic I guess my son-of-my-heart heard me talking about.
He ran over to my Welcoming House Facebook Page, saw the link, and quickly headed over there.

Check out THEIR page:

limeshot.com—-free mason jar printable labels


 I hope you find it as inspiring as I did when we were (almost) all done.
Many Blessings to you and yours,