Good morning, sweet friends!


Recently a friend shared with me a set of videos from a pastor in California that really made me grab my Bible, sit down, and do some digging. I have now watched each of them a couple times in the last week or so, and after a long decision, felt I should quietly post them here on The Welcoming House Blog and tell you about them.

Now before you watch them, here are a couple things I wanted to point out to you on why I am sharing them.

Everything I do…the lens if you will…in which I look at the world is through a Biblical perspective. This means that I view all of the things that happen around us, and to us, as part of a larger picture.

Which means what is happening in Iran, and with our country right now, is simply another piece of the puzzle.

And it should not come as a surprise to you that with that perspective comes a conservative leaning when it comes to everything happening around us. I choose what I do, and what I say, and my actions, by trying to live according to the Word.

These videos are eye opening, and seriously, the most refreshing truth filled “news” I have read in quite a while. In fact in the second video, someone like me actually asks for suggestions on good news sources that are not ridiculous (which is super sad and just shows how awful journalism and honest reporting have gotten in the last 5 years).

Anyhow….I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and I also hope if you find MORE resources like this, you would consider sharing them with us in the comments. Please feel free to share this post with others who would find this interesting!

Blessings to you and yours,