It is Day TWO of a Homespun Christmas, and I am excited to show you a simple tutorial on how to make some seriously beautiful candles for gifts or for decorating your table for the holidays.

There is just something incredibly beautiful about a candlelit dinner, with family china, and the rich scent of food filling the air. I try to change up our table since we use the candles a couple times a year, and decided it was high time I showed you two fabulous and simple ideas for decorating candles for the holiday table. I will be putting up some of these over on the Etsy Boutique tomorrow, along with a few other handcrafted items.


Some of the items you will need for the Shabby Chic Button Candles are:
Ribbon, buttons and a clear glitter nail polish in your choice of colors…

Choose simple, unscented candles in your choice of neutral colors for these projects…

And of course, you are going to need that trusty *ahem–evil–cough, cough* Glue gun.

To make the Ice Encrusted Candles…
Here I simply used a taper candle (set of four actually, but I only needed to show you one), and made sure I had an extra, disposable plate for pouring the salt on. The paper was for spreading the hot glue to make it easier to put the Epsom Salt on, but that did not get used.

I just love how incredibly beautiful these crystals are…and boy did it strike the creative genius/mad scientist chord in my crafty little heart. What do you think?

Place the Epsom Salt on a disposable plate, deep enough you can press the candle into it when that time comes.

Next, using a low temp hot glue gun, spread some glue in a pattern along the bottom of the candle. You should leave a small space that is NOT covered with the crystals so that you can still insert the candle into a holder without destroying all your handiwork.
Just take it from me. Learned the hard way.

Next quickly roll the candle into the Epsom Salts until it is coated. I would tap the candle with my finger each time I did this to remove loose grains.

Cover entire candle, ending in a pattern where the crystals are “climbing” up the candle, like an upside down icicle look….

The Candle standing upright—again–make sure to tap any excess crystals off to avoid a mess later on.

AHomeSpunChristmas 135

Decorate candle with a simple ribbon, or a jingle bell and some pine needles…
it will look beautiful no matter what you put on it.
And now for my favorite, the Shabby Chic button Candle…

Some of the supplies you will need, plus that trusty glue gun.

Take a glue gun, and your buttons, and hot glue the buttons all around the candle. This is a great project for those of us who are obsessed with buttons and collect them. I have never met a button I didnt like, and this project is a great way to display them outside of a jar. πŸ™‚ You will have spaced between some of the first layer of buttons you glue on the candle, so simply add another layer and keep stacking until you like the way it looks. I have seen it done evenly across the top, and jagged edges like I crafted here, on this button candle.

Break out that gorgeous glitter nail polish, and either cover ALL the buttons, like I did, or choose a few here and there to paint with the glitter. It is really pretty both ways, you will just need something good to smell afterwards as it does get a little heavy on the nail polish smell.

A closeup on how the buttons shine and shimmer. After dark, the glitter picks up the candlelight, and shimmers on the table, especially if you pair these a couple at a time.

Next you want to choose a ribbon you like, and attach it with the glue gun. I tried this one, and was not happy with it. Perhaps if I had layered a few on there, or put this one on top of a sheer white ribbon, I would have liked it better.

So this was the second option I came up with, and it is really pretty. I am planning on adding a bling button when I get a chance to dig through my stash.

See how simple it is? Make your own candles, give some of the tapers as a gift, or use the button candles to decorate a mantle with greenery. I spent less than $2 for 6 tapers, and already had the Epsom salt on hand, but I am sure you can get a small box for under $2. The button candle cost me around $4 to make between everything……
but what a pretty gift it will make someone on my shopping list!

I want to congratulate Heather (Supermom) for winning the contest for the beautiful “Believe” plate that I had displayed over at my Etsy store! Now you and I will be the only two people on earth who have these beautiful, nativity plates to display each Christmas! Thanks to all of you who entered—we have another giveaway coming up on Friday this week! πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed today’s Homespun Christmas post! Check back tomorrow as I am joined by Kelly Nale of The Empty Nest Blog and we throw a Christmas cookie party, full of SIX recipes for Christmas cookies you can make at home for cookie platters!

Many Blessings to you and yours,

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