I sat here in awe last night looking through my Google Analytics.
I want you to know, I try really REALLY hard,
not to look at the numbers I am seeing for two reasons.
First, because I don’t ever want to write thinking I am appealing to a certain number of people, or a group of people in particular. I want each one of you to be forefront in my mind when I write. Just like we were having coffee or tea, sharing some scones, ducking when the kids throw a ball across the kitchen table at one another, you know.
But the second reason is because somewhere, inside of this small town girl, butterflies start working their way up through my stomach, and I start worrying about measuring up, coming up with new things, etc etc etc.
And the reality of all of that is simple.
I write what the Lord tells me to.
What He is doing in my life.
What he is showing me, 
teaching me,
 encouraging me to do
 and say
 and be.
And then I breathe deeply and just let HIM bring to ME 
whomever He wants to listen.
Last month, that was a LOT of people. More people than the entire “big town” of people that lives near me. If every single one of those people all got online at one time, it still would not be enough.
They would have to come back an awful lot.
And when those butterflies start rolling through my stomach, I pray that the Lord just keeps right on using me to encourage people to do things that they maybe never really thought about before.
I decided this month that we are going to have a month of THANKFULNESS.


One of my very very VERY favorite holidays is coming up in just a few short weeks, and I want to focus on all the good going on around us, in the midst of all the tough stuff going on around us
Know what I mean?
Because we NEED to focus on those good things,
or the bad will begin to claim our hope, and our faith,
and have a detrimental effect on our lives.
So each day, both here, and over on the Welcoming House Facebook Page, I am going to be talking about one thing that I am incredibly thankful for this month, moment, etc.I want to encourage you to do it with me.
Would you?
Will you commit to sharing a single thing, each day I post, either here on the comments or over on the FB Page? I may not blog about it every single day, but you can be sure, it will be in one of those two places.
I promise to post.
What am I thankful for today?
I am thankful for the founding fathers of this country,
 who fought against a tyrant King,
who wrote inspired words declaring us to be a free country,
 who had faith that was unshakeable.
Men who defied soldiers, and customs, lost friends and family, all so we could be a free country,
with freedoms never before heard of or granted…
They risked their lives, and many died, patriots, for a cause that they would never see the end result of.
I am thankful for them.
What are you thankful for today?
Many Blessings to you and yours,