Well, its finally happened.

   Years of tears, loss, and prayers that I thought were going unanswered were slowly dissolved yesterday like chalk pictures in rain as we went through the final court hearing for our two Littles. A few questions, a couple changes to some of the directives our lawyer had written up, a smile, and next thing we know, the judge is banging the gavel and congratulating us on being new parents.

   Wow, what a difference from our Oldest Daughter.

   She came with sweat, and blood and tears. We had to wait for her too, but in a totally different way. Laying day by day on my side for months praying that she would make it, unlike our first child. Eating hospital food, staring at the same four walls for hours at a time, counting every kick, every movement. Anxiously checking the tech’s face as they came in to do the ultrasound, hoping for a flicker of good news, not just more and more bad news. Then, delivery day, knowing she had small chance of making it, hearing her cry, and everything fading to black in one big moment of exultation–she was ALIVE….

   And today I snuck up to the room of my two new daughters, two beautiful little girls that I have cried with, and slept with, and held from the moment they were born. I gently touched their curls, stroking their faces. There is so much I want to tell them…that they are incredibly loved, safe, and precious to us. That we will always be there for them, ready with open arms and listening ears. That, just like their big sister, they are truly a gift to this broken set of parents straight from the hands of God.

That they will be our delight, and join the ranks of one lovingly spoiled and doted upon daughter, who has completely abandoned her heart to them, just as we have.


 What makes me a mother?

 I have determined it is not a what, but a Whom.

“Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and forevermore…….He settles the barren woman in her home as the happy mother of children.  Praise the Lord!” (Ps 113:1,9)