Good morning all my lovely Welcoming House peeps! I pray your Independence Day celebrations were as fun and filled with good food as ours were. 😀

As many of you have noticed, I took a short break from blogging through June as I had many things on my plate…including getting a new garden in a new house, a business trip to Illinois, and just life in general. Our oldest daughter is doing much better, but still with some challenges after her surgery, and I am thankful for every day that she wakes up with a smile and a laugh and just has a good day. 😀

Our garden is growing immensely well this year, something I am very thankful for as it is the first year in new ground, and that is always a question on how everything will thrive or die. I plan on sharing more of those pictures with you later this week, but wanted instead to take this Monday to share with you what has been laid on my heart the last few weeks.

In some ways with the last nine months of personal challenges, I had lost my focus with the Welcoming House Blog. This was always created as a resource and passionate delivery of the things in my heart, or what I do around my home, and somehow in all of those months, I lost track of just sharing who I AM instead of all the things that I DO. I somewhat lost the “heart” of my blog, and want to really go back to that and sharing my life with you.

So much has happened in our lives here on this side of the screen, and in our country, that often I needed time to process them before I could get them out into script. I know you understand that. Many of us have absolutely reeled this last week or two as so many serious things have changed that are foundational to our country. Whether you agree with those changes, or not, it has clarified for me, what I am supposed to be doing all over again.

So for those of you readers who just check in to read my newest sewing/crafting/glue gun exploit, or try out my new recipes, no worries. Those awesome posts will still be a part of our blog. If you read my blog because you love to hear my opinion on things that are going on around us and be encouraged, no worries, those posts will be here too. As many have said, the WH Blog is an awesome resource full of tons and tons of ideas for those just getting started….and a wonderful place for those who need to be encouraged or strengthened in the hard places in their journey.

More than anything I am going back to sharing my posts straight from the heart.

What I am thinking…

How life is impacting me…

What my family is doing with a new home and leaving everything we had done to get prepared in case of another financial collapse…

I want to get back to being so transparent for you that you can see how our “little house on the prairie” looks from the inside out.

I miss that. And I know you do too. So blessings to all of you. Lets embrace this new chapter, and please, feel free to comment.  I read my comments weekly if not daily, and hearing from you instead of folks trying to sell me Ray Ban sunglasses makes my day. 😀

May this Monday, and the week ahead, be filled with unexpected joys, and triumphs in the midst of trials for you all. <3

Blessings to you and yours

~Heather <3