For many of you wondering why in the world you are getting updates from The Welcoming House on Sundays, a first for me, it is because I have accepted a challenge this month to post every single day of the month. While it has been challenging for me as a blogger and writer, and I am confident I will see it through and finish strong. I am trying to live out one of my life verses in this pursuit……..from Philippians 3….

However, from here on out, Sundays will be reserved for simple, sweet posts that keep you up on family happenings, or just have pictures of what we are doing behind the scenes. Easier for me, and sweeter for you.

We have come to the point here at The Welcoming House, that we wanted to choose a dog that would both help me with our very busy children, and also work alongside my Handy Hubby when he cuts and hauls wood. After a lot of discussion, we decided to go with one of the larger breeds, either a Newfoundland, or a Pyrenees.

And after a wonderful surprise from a friend, that she had an unexpected litter, we picked up Kodie (short for Kodiak since he looks like a little bear cub) on Friday morning.

How can you NOT love that face??

How can you NOT love that face??

I have never seen such an adorable face, or so much fuzziness in one dog……..and I grew up with an Old English Sheepdog, folks. One thing about Great Pyrenees puppies, it is like petting a panda bear cub, and my oldest daughter actually ran and got her science book and showed us because the resemblance is rather striking..

He is very gentle, and very playful. My kids had a blast laying with him and playing with him yesterday, and they all crashed in one large heap to watch a movie. If dogs could talk, I swear this one sighed with contentment, put one large paw over one of the Littles, and promptly fell asleep. Since he was the only puppy that survived out of a litter born in the bitter cold, I think he already sees us as his “flock” and littermates, which is exactly what the Handy Hubby and I wanted.


With a New puppy always comes new adventures, and one of those things is working on making our own dog food that is nutritionally sound and will meet his needs for the type of dog he is.  You can plan on me sharing that adventure and recipe once we get it tweaked and are sure it is right. So far he has certainly appreciated my efforts and been happily involved in eating them. I am thankful that so many people have worked on recipes for their animals and posted them on the Web, as it allows me to pick and choose what is best for my breed of dog…….and allows us to know exactly what is going into his food as well, just as we do with our family.

Anyhow, so short and sweet update from The Real Welcoming House this morning. I pray your Sunday is bright, and warm and filled with fellowship. I am looking forward to the launch of the new newsletter today to those of you that have signed up (there is a sign up spot right at the top of this page if you are interested), and the very first Essential Oils 101 class over on Facebook that so many of you signed up for!

Have a blessed Sunday!