I have been looking forward to this giveaway for almost two weeks.
And I know, I know, some of you are going to say that I always say that…
this one totally rocks.
You see, I got this totally awesome box in the mail a couple weeks ago, with children hovering and ooohing, and aahing, and caressing the edges of the box (because secretly they were hoping Grandma sent them some candy through the mail again, let’s just be real, everyone…)
And I kinda knew what was inside because the owner of th fabulous company
 had said she was sending me some samples to give a review on her products as well…
But I most certainly…
Did  not expect THIS:
or this….
or this…..
or even this…..
It was like Christmas a few months early around here, as children laughed and danced with their new items, holding still barely long enough for their mother to snap pictures.


Since she included things that my entire family could use, we decided to make it an entire family review of her products to tell you how they went over…
A Welcoming House Review, officially. 🙂
My oldest is totally in love with the peppermint soap, and the adorable hand-decorated tin it came in, because that was what she had been using for her facial care at night, and was about to run out. She says that this bar of soap is creamier and even lathers better. Her acne has cleared up substantially since using Peppermint soap, and I don’t have to nag at her to wash her face each night. I would have posted a picture of her covered with suds, but teenagers are so darn fussy about those kind of things…and instead all I got was a bathroom door swinging shut on me and a scream.
However I did ask her about it later.
So just on that bar of soap alone, this business is rocking it.
 My 13 year old is hard to please when it comes to stuff like that…and VERY picky…
So, if she weren’t still sleeping getting her beauty sleep at 6 am, I am quite sure her review would be:
“Great product, and I love how it lathers, and is so creamy!”
After the twins saw the most adorable bandana/burlap roses for their hair, I actually had to bribe them every night to get them to give them up FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT. Did you read that? It has been more sporadic this week, (thanking God, here)  but for a week straight my princess-y, picky girls would not take these out of their hair unless it was bathtime or bedtime. So I am pretty sure if they could write, their review is: “This makes me look fabulous and I am not giving it up!”
My husband very much liked the Bee Clean soap and asked if he could take that one and use it in the shower. I was surprised, because this is a guy who (if you read his post) adores and tolerates us all in one swoop, as well as normally leaves us to our “girl stuff”. His best way of coping is dressing in camo, and going out to shoot arrows at the fake deer outside, just so he can breathe non-pink air…..not asking to have one of the cutesy soaps from a package.
However, he likes it. Really likes it. Says his skin feels good, 
and it works great for a bar of soap.
And that is as good as you are going to get…man approved, bar of soap.
I bet he secretly wants to say:
“This is FABULOUS soap. When can we buy a ton of it to stash in the basement?”
But he has to maintain his stoic, Handy Hubby image, so it “works great”. 🙂
And then there is me. Besides on plotting and planning how to order from this amazingly sweet person that runs this company, and stock up on Christmas presents….
Aside from constantly eyeing her amazing hand-tooled wooden spoons,
and adorable burlap roses and how I would use them….
I absolutely love the “Bee Pampered” soap.
Its just so darn cute. Really.
And it smells fabulous, has multiple fantastic moisturizers in it like coconut oil, goats milk, and honey…as well as oats for that extra moisturizing boost. And the fact that it is hand molded to look like a honeycomb is just another adorable addition to what is really a great bar of soap.
And better than anything else, WhimZ-B has graciously agreed to provide this:
For an amazing giveaway this weekend. Two soaps, a tin, an adorable hand crocheted cotton towel, a Skillet Handle Cozi, and one of her beautiful hand-made, boutique-syle burlap roses that can be used on anything from hair to wreaths, or anywhere in between.
Told you that you would love this giveaway. *wink wink*
Are you ready to participate?
Be sure to keep coming back this weekend, AND be sure to share this with as many people as you can just to get more entries into it! We want to help Beth get out as many wonderful shares for starting her new business as we can, and frankly, her booth would be one of the first places I would head to in a craft fair, so let’s make it a special introduction to selling items online! Her items are adorable, and inexpensive, and would make a great gift for anyone in the family, as my review proves.
Blessings to you and yours,