Heather Estey, The Welcoming House Blog

If you are reading this, then let me say Thank You!

Thank you for coming to The Welcoming House.
What was once a dream in my heart is now here on paper, and I am so pleased to share this dream with you.
My name is Heather, and I am blessed to be married to my Handy Hubby for over 19 years. I am blessed to be the mamma to three beautiful girls you will see splashed across my blog posts, because they truly are my biggest fans.
I am passionate about living life simply, using the old ways to do things many of us have forgotten about.
I am determined to preserve some things that should never have been forgotten. I love to sit and chat with my readers, and share with them what I have learned.

The Welcoming House is a place to come, laugh, read, learn, enjoy and walk away a little stronger, smarter, self-sufficient, and hopefully, happier. Its a community, not just a blog.

I am SO glad you are here.
Blessings to you and yours,
~Heather <3

 It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

My Family

Kurt (Handy Hubby)
Kurt (Handy Hubby)Multi-Purpose Man!
Little 1
Little 1
Little 2
Little 2

Our Happy Readers

I started following Heather and the Welcoming House blog/website almost 3 years ago. I started reading for the recipes, but have been a faithful follower and reader for so many reasons! Heather truly cares for her readers. She writes about things that help everyone, no matter where their walk is. I’ve felt closer to her and her family because of her personal stories and struggles. She’s rekindled my love of canning and preserving food for my family (and creating a stockpile of things my family loves!), while guiding me in my personal walk of faith. The website is a wealth of knowledge and I always learn something new when I visit.
This is a great website to find things that will help you maintain a homestead and learn new skills all the time!
This website has been an awesome resource for learning new ways of providing for my home and great recipes.