Last week about this time I posted a rather disturbing post on the condition and quality of the water that so many people in WV were dealing with at the time, water that is an absolute necessity of life, and which without, life is not sustained. I shared with you the condition of many people and what they were facing last week, as well as first-person information on the situation and how people were coping with it.

I am so sad to say it truly is not improving. While the company and safety experts have said that the water is safe to drink, they also were not honest about the amount of chemical that had leaked into the water. The breaking news last night was that they only tested for a single chemical that would be in the water, instead of the blend of chemicals and how they interact with the human system. Due to this mind-blowing reveal, which unfortunately does not surprise this cynical almost-40-something, now they are recommending that both pregnant women and all children do not drink this water, as well as alerting other communities downstream (of which Cincinnati is only ONE) and reminding them the water is possibly toxic. They have also warned against giving this water to pets or livestock, and little has been said or reported on the long-term effects of wildlife in the area. So much devastation in one short spill.

This came from a tap source located in the red zone AFTER it had been flushed and given the all clear....

This came from a tap source located in the red zone AFTER it had been flushed and given the all clear….you can find numerous first hand reports online almost anywhere, but not a lot of coverage on it from the MSM. Kinda telling, right?

I am just shaking my head over it again and again each time I see more news come up on it. I can not stress to you ENOUGH how important it is to have some water on hand. Forget waiting until the last minute. Please. Just fill up some jugs, empty and clean some pop liters, then fill them, purchase some water bricks, and fill them, or start filling your empty canning jars that are waiting for this coming season with sterile water.

This post came across my email last night, and I wanted to share it with you all, because it sure gives you a good look at what is happening to so many people right now. I also understand that California’s water levels are so low (something that many saw coming and were blogging about last fall) that the Governor has declared their state a federal emergency. Can you imagine all those people with little water? Part of what has made so much of this story a story that can be swept under the rug is the generally neighbor-minded people who live in West Virginia. They have been caring for one another, helping each other out, and walking through this without complaining. While some of my best friends live in California, I can tell you the response would have been very very different if this had happened on their soil. Now instead, they are looking at water shortages, with some places possibly having to have water trucked in to their towns by the end of summer. And as for the folks left without drinkable water in WV, many of whom ended up visiting ER’s because of burns, rashes, vomiting, or severe illness from drinking water that was determined safe, now the company that caused all this has declared bankruptcy, which means they are seeking release ultimately from any lawsuits that have been filed.

Absolutely despicable, and the cowardly way out. 

So please, take me seriously when I tell you to get some water and keep it. Rotate it out every couple of months or keep some bleach on hand to treat it. Imagine trying to wash dishes or keep clean without water, or even treat wounds. It is a critical product to never take for granted.

Blessings to you and yours,