Good morning, everyone!
I dont have a lot of time this morning, but thought you might like a glimpse of how much fun we have around here with a simple pile of leaves. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
Having fun in the leaves……..
its even more fun when you get to use a slide, right?
october2012 163
Her funny fake smile for today. 🙂
what fun to have a big sister!
and around and around the yard we go!
back to the leaves again…let’s throw them!
just love this shot of my Big Kid…..
armfuls of leaves and branches
faster, packmule! FASTER!
who needs rose petals to throw when you can just throw leaves and kisses?
I can see how tired she is—what a sweet sister……
and it is ALL WORTH IT when this is what you get for your work….
Many Blessings to you and yours,