This needs almost no introductions.
I just want to say, THIS is one reason I love having girls.
Bring out a dress up bin, and make sure you have your camera.
Here are my Littles hamming it up earlier this week.
We are gonna do what???


Fake smile for the camera…..


download July 2012 018
Now we’re rolling…..


“mamma! Its got a Fedder !!(feather)”


one rolls off the chair laughing, while the other cant get

her hat straight–oh the drama…


and all is well that ends well. Lotsa love.
See? We have WAYYYY too much fun around here at The Welcoming House. My Big Kid was all dressed up too, but in her pre-teen mode wanted nothing to do with pics. Sorry!
See you back here tomorrow with more thoughts of what is happening around us this week, along with a couple great recipes for making your own crackers!
AMAZING crackers. 🙂
See you tomorrow!
Many Blessings to you and yours,