Today I wanted to just give you a glimpse of our holiday pictures, simple, and sweet. Not professional, just precious to us, and hopefully,
to warm your heart. 🙂
Many Blessings to you and yours,
FINALLY–a pic of the Handy Hubby’s amazing Not-So Secret Recipe on the Turkey!!
The table set for Thanksgiving–lots of pieces with memories attached on that table–Grandma Bea’s cut glass candlesticks, my grandmother’s china, Mom’s Farmer rolls, Grandma Auntie Ruth’s Sweet potatoes….*sigh*
just loved this picture, my oldest daughter arranged these on either end of the table….
Nothing like homemade cranberry sauce to bring a splash of color to the table….
A shot of the beautiful hot pads I made………..perfect for a nice dinner
yeah, well, lets just say the twins tore the rest of the construction paper into shreds and were throwing it in the air, so my oldest did her best in about ten minutes. LOL. So much for fancy and creative. (I kept one anyway, though, because it is so precious, right? Wont have their hands this little forever……)
My LEAST favorite part……but Thank you Lord, my family had enough to eat…..
The latest shot of the Handy Hubby and I–headed out the wedding of some precious young people in our church. 🙂
Family tradition of setting up the tree the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. My Littles were entranced with the lights. They were too small to really remember last year.
She is convinced this tinsel is to be worn as a necklace. Or a crown. Or a head wrap. Its the first thing she puts on every morning after her snow boots. What a combo. But of course I tell her she is gorgeous, because she is. 🙂
November2012 256
I love this shot. Makes me want to cry each time I see it. Kids really bless your heart, dont they?
All three of my precious girls around the tree. Yes, I see the Littles are pants-less. That is how we roll around here. Thank goodness they still have their other clothing on.
Precious memories. Now if I could only get a shot of them “pretend sleeping” underneath the tree with the cat. 🙂
See you on the other side of the clock. Tomorrow we are talking about Mountain Rose Herbs, catching up on the extracts I have been making for a couple weeks now, and giving you a sneak peek of a BOMB of a surprise on Saturday……….
Hope you join us! 🙂