Well, HAPPY AUGUST to all of you, dear readers!
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   Around here at the Welcoming House we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to get all the produce and such harvested, preserved, and set aside for winter. With the exception of Sunday, I have actually been canning every day since Thursday, with the dehydrator running a couple of those days as well.
   Now that the horrible heat wave has finally broken up here, even though it is still humid, the gardens are actually starting to produce–it just looks like it is all going to come in at once instead of over a couple of months as is usual. *sigh*
   But, I am thankful that we have gardens to get our good, fresh food from as we prepare for food hikes this coming fall and winter. I hope God continues to bless us with enough to share with others when the times get tough. 🙂
   It has been a while since I did a picture update on my garden, and I so want to share the beauty of it with you. I am sure you have seen the blips here and there of pics, but this puts it all together for you to enjoy.
view from the garden gate–you can see where some things

have been pulled in front

Tomatoes in pots are doing well



my row of zucchini and summer squash are looking gorgeous

and full of flowers


the heirloom black beans are starting to set flowers and pods


we have been taken over with cherry tomatoes…which is

a wonderful “problem” to have.


lots of tomatoes starting to turn..soon we will be making

spaghetti sauce and salsa, and……


LOVE how my sunflowers are brightening up the whole garden

…..isnt it beautiful?


an Abundance of eggplant for the family means lots of

eggplant parmesan and canned caponata


prettiest blooms in the garden–this is the eggplant blooming


finally getting cukes……three weeks later than normal,

but at least getting them!


download July 2012 529
My favorite three sets of hands in the world—each with

thire “OWN” tomato

   I hope you have a beautiful day and that this coming month brings you many reminders of abundance, that seasons end and new ones begin, and that God loves you so very very much in so many ways, and shows it in the breathtaking beauty He puts on for display.
Check back tomorrow for another “Waste Not, Want Not” post on how to use every part of a lug of peaches, including recipes for spiced peaches, cinnamon peach syrup, peach jam, and peach pie filling!
Many Blessings to you and yours,