Today is the National Day of Prayer, a day we, as believers in Jesus, come together collectively and pray for our nation, our leaders, and the direction our country is going.
We pray for our military, for those making laws and rules.
We pray for our judicial system as they are facing more and more difficult cases, and more folks with hardened hearts that commit heinous crimes.
I will be honest with you, this year I felt an unbelievable burden to get on my knees for our country in every possible way. I have been rather lackadaisical the last couple years with small children, so this is very unusual for me to be so burdened. I can only see it as the Lord impressing upon me to pray and worship.
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The moral decay our society is experiencing is quickly accelerating, and we are seeing the good people, the compassionate, truth-speaking people,
We are seeing a nation calling evil something good,
and Good something evil.
We are seeing people fly off at the drop of a hat when someone else does not agree with them, and in some very real cases, do harm to the person.
We have heard rationalization from the highest levels that babies are nothing more than a convenience, and if abortion is allowed before birth, then after-birth abortion should be as well.
But no matter WHAT you name it, it is still legalized infanticide.
The weakest, the poorest, and the most vulnerable in our nation are being expoited.
Brother is turning against brother, and father against son.
We are deeply, deeply divided.
I could link story after story for those of you who wonder what is behind all of this. But I find myself growing weary of doing all the research for everyone else, only to be treated with skepticism and ignorance when I do present it. Somehow we have become brainwashed that if something does not fit out particular “agenda” then it must not be true or believable. And then, many times, we respond in unkind and offensive manner to the person presenting it to us.
So today,
I ask you to pray.
If you are a Christian brother or sister, would you pray with me?
If you are not but your heart is aching for our country, if you are concerned where things are heading, if you worry about sending your children to school because something may happen to them, or going to a large gathering because someone may decide to try to take out as many bystanders as they can…
if you are someone who wonders how long you will be allowed to have a gun to protect your family,
or the ability to speak your mind against prevailing and official opinion before it ends you up in jail or without your children…..
If you are one of those millions of people who are bothered by the way things are going but are not exactly sure what to base it on….
Join us.
Search for yourself and find out what we truly believe in.
Not coercion to believe in the Bible by demand.
Instead, we are commanded to pray for those that hate us, to reach out to those who reject us and try to destroy us. To show the love and compassion of Christ while standing on the Word of God.
And there are many of us who do just that, and are appalled at those who don’t.
We have a right to our religious freedom too.
Just as you do.
I have seen miracles in my own life in direct response to prayer.
I have seen miracles in the lives of those I love in direct response to prayer.
And I believe it is, perhaps, not only the most powerful response we have left to us when all other rights are stripped away, it is more than enough.
My family and I will be praying and having worship together from 9 am this morning to noon.
Would you join us?
2 Chronicles 7:14: ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’ As we humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways, we can take assurance from the Holy Scripture that God has promised to hear from heaven, will forgive our sin, and will heal our land.”
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For those of you that are interested, I would encourage you to watch this movie. Biblically, and historically, when nation begin to participate in the things that we are accepting as “normal or natural” then we begin to see a downfall and eventually a dissolving or collapsing of the nation. A friend pointed this amazing two part movie out to me a couple months ago, and I have been doing very in depth study on it…and can not find fault with it.
It is not preaching, but instead what we, as Christians and followers of The Way, would call the warnings of a prophet to a land that is in danger of facing the wrath of God.
Here is the Link