I sat outside in my garden last night and wrote down the many things I am struggling with.


I know I am not alone.


I know there are many like me almost reeling from the many changes that have absolutely exploded all over our nation.

I know many are weary, and wondering if there is a positive in all of the mess.

I know because we have chatted over the phone, I’ve seen their posts on Facebook, and because for the first time in years, I have actually sat and visited with so many others over coffee.

How are you doing, friend?

How is your family, your faith, and your endurance holding up in the midst of the chaos?

I made a brave decision in the midst of the noise last night.

That decision was this. It is time to start blogging again. Seriously. Intentionally. Connecting with you and the many others that God has for me to pour into.

I will slowly be weaning my life off the social media circus and back into this platform, with a few fun videos and other awesome bonuses thrown in.

Do you enjoy hearing from me? I would encourage you to bookmark our site right here on the web, and subscribe to the updates. Its time, sweet friends, to limit the noise, and find our space…to pour into our hearts and encourage others rather than subscribing to the crazy.

Check in with me tomorrow over on our Welcoming House Blog (<—Click here) page as we have a fun giveaway, and encourage those we love and cherish to join our community in the midst of a time of divisiveness in our nation and our culture. <3

See you there.

Blessings to you and yours,