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Believer in Eternal Hope. Craft-a-Holic. In love with Coffee, baking and frugal living. Called to write. Determined to live life to the fullest. Convinced every life is important. Blessed with a family. Honored to pour out my life for the Glory of God.

A great perspective on Iran and why we should not be afraid…

Good morning, sweet friends!   Recently a friend shared with me a set of videos from a pastor in California that really made me grab my Bible, sit down, and do some digging. I have now watched each of them a couple times in the last week or so, and after a long decision, felt [...]

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It’s Time to Let that Guilt Go…..

Good morning sweet friends. As I sit here this morning, cup of coffee in hand, listening to my little girls chatter about who is faster at flash cards than the other twin, I wanted to share with you what is on my heart today. We chain ourselves with guilt and keep ourselves from doing what [...]

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Chicken Stuffed Crepes with Butternut Squash Sauce—A birthday favorite for a special kid….

I am just going to warn you. If you decided as part of your new year resolutions that you wanted to lose weight, I can not encourage you to walk away fast enough. At the very least, be sure to stay out of your kitchen while I share our amazing pictures of my oldest daughter's [...]

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Moving Forward in a New Year….

Good morning, my dear friends! I hope you have had a wonderful and beautiful season of holidays with your family, and are enjoying the rest and peace that January brings after the rush of the holidays. Our family is still growing and changing...our Littles are drawing near to double digits (HOW is this possible??), and [...]

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Cinnamon Rhurbarb Jam…and 3 ways to use it!

Good morning, readers! Thanks to the crazy amount of rain we have had, our summer is coming around slow, so forgive me if many of you are already past rhubarb season. Seriously, bookmark this one and make sure you get it ready for next year then. I can or make roughly 60% of our food, [...]

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Seasons and beginnings….

This morning I stood at the kitchen window, bright and early (thanks to the dog---but that is another story, lol)...and looked out at my garden. Last year, I stood in the same place, and mourned the empty stretch, because I was physically unable to even do the simplest of chores a garden needs.   Its [...]

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It’s Time to Get Serious About Stocking Up

As I have taken a couple years off of blogging, and yet stayed in our community, I have become to understand deeper each year the tenuous state of our dependence on the success of the farms surrounding my house. I have also come to understand just how far removed we are as a culture, from [...]

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So. Much. Rain.

Its 7 am, and as dark as midnight outside again. An ear-splitting crack of thunder woke me up almost an hour ago, and here I  am, sipping coffee, looking out the window as it pours bucket after bucket of rain on everything around me....again. It is a very, very hard thing to see right now. [...]

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One Day At A Time….

How are you doing, friend? Are you caught up in the craziness that summer brings, with all its sunshine, and planting, and kid activities and life? Or are you taking time to stop and breathe deeply, knowing today is a gift and will never come again? Between our oldest daughter's graduation, the 21st anniversary of [...]

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When it comes time to let go so they can fly….

I gotta tell you guys, this year has been the hardest year I could ever have wrapped my mind around. It has NOTHING to do with physical challenges, and everything to do with issues of the heart. In just under one month my oldest daughter will graduate from highschool. This is the child I never [...]

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