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Believer in Eternal Hope. Craft-a-Holic. In love with Coffee, baking and frugal living. Called to write. Determined to live life to the fullest. Convinced every life is important. Blessed with a family. Honored to pour out my life for the Glory of God.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Stocking Up

As I have taken a couple years off of blogging, and yet stayed in our community, I have become to understand deeper each year the tenuous state of our dependence on the success of the farms surrounding my house. I have also come to understand just how far removed we are as a culture, from [...]

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One Day At A Time….

How are you doing, friend? Are you caught up in the craziness that summer brings, with all its sunshine, and planting, and kid activities and life? Or are you taking time to stop and breathe deeply, knowing today is a gift and will never come again? Between our oldest daughter's graduation, the 21st anniversary of [...]

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When it comes time to let go so they can fly….

I gotta tell you guys, this year has been the hardest year I could ever have wrapped my mind around. It has NOTHING to do with physical challenges, and everything to do with issues of the heart. In just under one month my oldest daughter will graduate from highschool. This is the child I never [...]

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When It is Time to Start Again…(thoughts from Heather)

Hello old friends. I know I have been silent for some time, and many of you who follow me over on our Facebook page know much of that has been because of personal illness and physical challenges that have rocked my world since October 2017. For a time, I had to set aside my passion [...]

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Our Top 10 Kid-Friendly Crockpot Meals for Back to School

Facebook is filled right now with adorable pictures of kids heading back for their first day of school. And what everyone doesn't see, or share, of course, is the super stressed out mom trying to balance everything, and keep many plates rotating as kids forget lunches or permission slips,  or that everyone is dressed appropriately [...]

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3 Back to School Essential Oil Recipes for Kids

We do a lot of things differently around here. If you have been reading our blog for even a short period of time you know we tend to be as self-sufficient as possible, educated and curious in alternatives, and determined to give our kids the least toxin filled upbringing as we can. Yes, this sets [...]

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Canning Blackberries in a Simple Syrup

One of the easiest things to put into a jar and preserve for later is fruit in a simple syrup. In later months (or years) when the harvest is done or for some reason the fruit does not produce for that year, what a beautiful thing to be able to grab a jar off the [...]

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Summer Squash Canning Recipe

Lets face it. When you get tired of ding-dong ditching zucchini and summer squash on the neighbor's door step... When you find that you dont even want to CHECK those zucchini and squash plants again because you know you are going to walk away with about 100 new giant veggies... then you need this recipe. [...]

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Celebrating 20 years together….

Its finally come. A day that Kurt and I prayed for, and yet sometimes wondered if we would ever reach. 20 years together. This was us in 1997, just two young kids with NO idea what life was going to throw at us in the next 5 years....the loss of our first child less than [...]

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Gentle Essential Oil Cleaner for Old Wood

One of the things about living in a 120 year old house...you learn that it takes a good amount of time and energy to upkeep. Finding an effective, simple, and gently recipe to take care of the gorgeous wood around this house has taken time...and some experimenting. However, I love having a cleaner that not [...]

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