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Believer in Eternal Hope. Craft-a-Holic. In love with Coffee, baking and frugal living. Called to write. Determined to live life to the fullest. Convinced every life is important. Blessed with a family. Honored to pour out my life for the Glory of God.

Silver and Gold…

I have just been through a wonderful experience that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around and putting into words, but I will do my best for you all. As someone who is friendly but perhaps does not make friends easily, I entered into a play production, a musical, with a local community [...]

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This Old House, A Bottle, and a new Front Porch….

One thing is for sure, owning a house that is over 100 years old means you are constantly working on projects and keeping it up. Ours is no different, and we would not have it any other way....we love the history and beauty of this old thing and take being home owners very seriously after [...]

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As Fall becomes Winter…

We are busy here on the other side of the screen. So many things happening as fall rushes into winter, and we get our little homestead ready for the cold months. Stacking wood for the winter, making sure everyone has warm enough clothing, and bedding, putting up food for the cold months so I can [...]

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Let It Begin…..First Day of School!

I laugh daily at the posts I am seeing on social media from  friends, showing them like this.. or this.... or even this.... when their kids head off to school. (If you're the mamma in the last pic, wow, man, you have my sympathies...) Some people get all worked up about those pics, and harp [...]

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There and Back Again…our Tale…without Hobbits…

The Littles are bigger. Much Bigger. Soon heading into their first day of FIRST grade, I am shaking my head as I watch them read simple words to each other, giggle at jokes they wouldn't have gotten a year or so ago, marveled at how their feet will soon be larger than mine, and so [...]

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Well, Good August Morning to you! I have missed you all SO MUCH with the turmoil of our lives the last 18 months. :D What a delight it is to be back on the keyboard, here on the NEW Welcoming House Blog, sharing with you again. :D There is just so much to share with [...]

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Dear Friend of a Mom who has Miscarried….

I saw it on Facebook. My heart stopped as I read of the passing of another child that was the heart of one of my friends. A child they prayed for. A child they had yet to meet. A child who was loved and desired, and would have been one of the most spoiled children [...]

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And then they turned SIX…….

You know, its funny when I look back. For some reason when we brought these adorable beautiful, curly headed Littles home I never envisioned them finally growing up and deciding it was time to lose teeth and learn to read, to be able to ride a bike without training wheels, or jump rope with each [...]

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