Well, Good August Morning to you!

I have missed you all SO MUCH with the turmoil of our lives the last 18 months. 😀

What a delight it is to be back on the keyboard, here on the NEW Welcoming House Blog, sharing with you again. 😀

There is just so much to share with you that I am not quite sure where to start, so I decided to just ease into it over the coming weeks. Hope you are looking forward to it as I am!

One of the things I have been playing around with lately is doing custom orders for anything handmade. My Littles, believe it or not, are not quite so little anymore (can you believe that they are going into first grade??? Ack!) and that means this crafty creative mamma has had some little time on her hands. Crafting and creating is such a mind soothing and soul soothing activity for me, and I love that it is appreciated and used for others!

My most recent creation was an adaptation of my Pillowcase nightgown design. You can read more about how easy and gorgeous those are to make for Littles during the hot summer days of August for sweep sleep by clicking here, but I decided I wanted to create a sweet old-fashioned dress pattern that is timeless.

A few stitches and some crocheted edging later, and I had this darling sweet Sunflower dress in a size 6x-7.

sunflower dress 2

I put it up on my Welcoming House Blog FB Page, and within 10 minutes it had sold! Sheesh! Since my original intent was just beginning to use up my stash, and create, I figured sharing it here would also be a fun post! Congratulations to Janet, who nabbed it for her sweet Granddaughter! <3

As I have shared before, having different skills is pretty important all around, and I am thankful for the years I have spent learning this particular one as it has blessed my family in many ways, both in clothing my kids and myself, as well as providing income. If you did not already know, I do have an Etsy site for the Welcoming House that I am in the process of adding to each week, and would love it if you would check it out! As the holidays draw near you will see many more things go up that are related to things I love to do!

Also be sure to check out our Shop tab for our E-books (new ones coming soon, eek!), and visit some of our favorite small business shops that are listed on the Home page! This month is a wonderful time to start thinking ahead to the holidays and giving special handcrafted gifts for those you love!

Looking forward to catching up with you the next few weeks!

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3