If you happen to be over on our Welcoming House Facebook page, or even on my Handcrafts page, you would be seeing some fun new crochet animals I have been working on for Spring events coming up, and for filling up my Etsy store later in February.

Actually, one of the fun things I have been planning on doing is writing up patterns for some of my cute creations, and putting them up here on the shop tab. Honestly, I love my life, and I love creating and crocheting…but I just cant keep up with the demand of what people want to order. So that seems like a fun alternative…and then I will just ask people to send me their pics. LOL. And upload new items for sale when I have time to make them.

Bunnies Button Image

But my CUTEST creations for yarn have little to do with me, and a LOT to do with our lovely birth mom, and a crazy video we watched on Facebook of all things. (This is one time I wont curse that autoplay feature on FB videos)

If you know much about me after reading this blog, you HAVE to know I love color, and fun, and anything that falls in those categories falls into my “have to try it” part of life. The Handy Hubby has a list of stories longer than both his arms put together of epic triumphs (and failures) that would fall within those boundaries.

This one however, was an awesome victory, and has now become a mainstay.

If you are a mom to adopted kids, especially one that are ethnically different from you, you know its a learning curve to work with all different aspects of their body care.

Hair care, especially, can be super challenging.

For a couple years now, my girls as they have gotten older, have had some hair challenges. Not that their hair was not healthy and gorgeous, but that their poor mamma was hopeless when it came to making it as gorgeous as it could be. And then came the day that my daughter Clara looked at me and told me that she wanted long blonde hair.

Now, this mamma got UPSET, people. I love their hair. I love every crazy curl and tangle, and wild woolly morning bed head. And I knew I had to do something.

Sooooooooo….lets chat about that video in the hopes and encouragement of helping another mamma who finds this looking for something to do with their daughter’s hair and help them find pride and love for what God graced them with in abundance.

My littles were sitting with me on the couch while in a conference when this popped up under the image on my screen. One look at their faces, and this mamma knew, it was TIME TO TRY IT. I searched for the HOW, which was actually kind of hard to find, and just jumped right in. Let my girls raid the yarn bin, and got started.

Was it a lot of work?

Yarn Braids collage

Um, yeah, it was. I’m not gonna lie to you. I think I could quote OSO and Super WHY cartoons by the handful at this point, since my first try I decided it was better to do both girls in ONE DAY….and 6 hours later was ready to go insane. Thank goodness I learned from that experience.

And thank God for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

My second time doing it took about 2 hours per child. Each girl has 48 braids in her hair. The yarn is cut roughly 24-30 inches in length, and each braid starts with 3 strands of yarn, folded in half and then cinched around the base of the curl we separated out with a comb.

Sounds complicated, but you know what, it is TOTALLY worth it. They love their hair. I love their hair. It keeps it healthy, and strong, and moisturized for 2-3 weeks, and believe me, when you are doing daily hair care for two little girls, 2-3 weeks of ease and lovely hair is a BIG DEAL in my universe. No tangles. No crying. No crazy bed head or lumps of fuzz in their hair you have to figure out how to get out….

yarn braids 8

I plan on doing a short video in a couple weeks when we redo it again, and will upload the link to Youtube, and link it back in here. They want new colors for Valentines Day, and I think we will try to add heart beads at the end for fun as well. So if you’re a mamma who is looking for a video tutorial, hang in there. We are going to make it wayyyyy easier for YOU than it was for us to find a way to do it. 😀

So find something creative to do with yarn in your house!

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3

crazy yarn girlie from The Welcoming House