How can I cover anything about dirt, or types of gardening, without telling you AGAIN,
to watch this video?

While it is a two hour video, I am telling you, it will either revolutionize the way that you garden now, or you will be starting out so far ahead of where the rest of us did.

  My husband and I have decided to invest in a wood chipper and from now on go the “easy route” when it comes to gardening, by following this method along with what we already do.
This is all I am posting for today as I am finishing out the posts on the power of good dirt and the six basic kinds of gardening I have done a lot of research into over the last few years. Next up is the ten things you SHOULD plant, and how to inter-plant things so that you have better yield and healthier plants.

   Have a wonderful day!
   Many Blessing to you and yours,