Good morning everyone!
August2012 163
Its been a crazy weekend around here as we went from the second day of Spring full blast into summer. *sigh* Today is supposed to be in the mid 90’s temperature wise, and I turned to my Handy Hubby yesterday and said: “First I felt like the world needed to wake up so that I could plant things, now I feel like I am incredibly far behind.”
He just laughed.
I guess I amuse him. 🙂
But seriously, while Mother’s Day was beautiful, and I was really really spoiled by my family, yesterday came with the realization that the whole world around me is working 24/7 on growing everything, and I haven’t even gotten a single seed into the ground.
Yikes. 🙂

I also discovered that while my Handy Hubby and aka Mr. Awesome decided that they could clean out the first of two large gardens while I finish up the second was a really bad idea.

Its a mess.

And I dont like messes, especially when the snow melts, and here I am, seeds in hand ready to go, and have a whole garden to clean up and make nice before I gotta use it.

If you garden, you know what I mean.

But that is all part of the work of learning to do things at home to be more self-sustainable, right?

And besides, I gotta forgive the HH, because he built me a whole new rabbitry yesterday, with easy to use frames, and gorgeous cages.
I have five adorable babies hopping around their mamma’s cage, and everyone is sweet, fat, and sassy in their new homes.

So it was a fabulous weekend with lots of love and things accomplished.

Now, where did I put my hoe and bag of seeds?

Blessings to you and yours,