The minutes tick slowly by.


The Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room, its splendor forgotten, and its light dim as the old year wanes and the New Year draws close.

Its always a bittersweet celebration for me.

Each year has been filled with joy and laughter, trials and tears, but this one has taught me lessons again that needed to be soaked in.

They are………..

*Be patient…waiting for something just a little longer is worth the beauty of it in the end.

*Life is always hard, but tough times draw a family together and help you to learn to work as a team.

*You never know how much you love someone until you have to face losing them in a short time.

*Hold tight to the things that actually mean something, not stuff that can disappear in a moment.

*You are never, ever alone as long as you choose to walk with the Lord.

*Spending time watching children blow bubbles, sunflowers follow the sun, or rain course down the windowpanes is never time you have wasted, but quiet moments that you needed.

*Everyone needs a recharge, so if you get an extra hour of sleep, revel in it. Word to the wise though: don’t put the pillow over your head or you won’t hear your children sneak downstairs and start “baking” with the flour, eggs, and oven at three years old. *sigh*

*Dishes can wait, Children won’t.

*A gentle answer really does turn away wrath. Every time.

*Simplify. And then do it again. Your life will be so much easier.

*You can never have too many cups of coffee in one day. Ok, yes you can.

*Rediscover your love for something you have set aside because you “have not had time for it”, and slowly get back into it.

*Always, always remember that little eyes, and little ears, and little hearts are soaking up everything you do and say. So speak, and act, and walk accordingly.

*When in doubt, just put boiling water in it and turn the burner on high. Everything comes out of a burnt pan when you do that. Hopefully.

*Planting a garden is to put faith into action, believing there will be a tomorrow.

*Patience is a virtue. Say it 1000 times and it might start to sink in. When that fails just remember to count to ten. Or 100. Or even 1000 if the situation is desperate.

*Pray for your family every day, because you don’t know when your last moment with them might be.

*Always reach out to someone who needs encouragement. It may take a moment of your time, but it may mean something life-changing for the rest of theirs.

*Plant something beautiful, just because. The joy it will bring you will be a bright spot in the hard work it is surrounded with.


2013 was a year of many ups, and many downs. 

Silver lining to the dark clouds, bitter to the sweet.

 I realize each year begins so full, so beautiful, so RICH with promise and hopes, dreams and wishes. Just as it should.

 I don’t plan on changing that perspective any time soon, no matter what has happened in this year as it draws to an end, and the new one begins.

Instead, like the sun rising on a new day, with new mercies, and new paths to wander, new plans to rejoice in and new moments to capture,

I will turn to the last year, and blow a farewell kiss.

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Thankful for what has passed, good and bad…….

May the year ahead of us be richer, deeper, stronger, and even more fulfilling than we can possibly imagine. Thank you Lord, for walking through 2013 with us……….

What was one lesson that you will remember from 2013?

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1Thessalonians 5:18)

Blessings to you and yours,