Did you know that there are many common sense ways to support your immune system and your respiratory system through the colder months?

This is an area our family has learned a lot on the last few years, and I am always passionate about sharing it with others who might be where we were back then. Since changing quite a few things, whole body health things, we have seen some serious improvement for not only our oldest daughter (who has dealt with more than her “fair share” of issues over the years) but for the whole family.

We have a live class coming up, which I will post a link to here in a bit, but I also wanted to let you know you can be added to our email list where we send you a list once a month of the classes I am teaching, with links you can click to come and join us! Super simple, and tons of great information!

Our first class is on the 12th of November, the direct link is at the bottom of the post. We will probably be recording these and putting them on our YouTube channel for many of you who have busy schedules like we do. We would love to see you there, and help support you on your journey to a better and stronger health. 😀 Be sure to mention that Heather sent you, so that everyone knows who to refer you back to!!!

Feel free to send me a message if you would like to be added to our email list where we send you a PDF of the classes for the month. 😀

Blessings to you and yours.

~Heather <3

Supporting Your Immune and Respiratory Systems!!!


Watch the Recording!!!!!