“Grace must pick a side in the light of day, not just whisper its opinion in the shadows and dark places where we sign our name Anonymous. Grace is strong. Grace is a shield to those who cannot get off the battlefield. Grace is God’s idea.” 
Michael Cheshire
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This quote has been gnawing at my brain for an entire weekend.
It has been literally, written on the pages of my heart, as I walk through some very busy times,
and times where honestly, I feel rather discouraged.
And you, dear readers, have the right to know what is going on in my head and my heart.
I promised you that I would write as I have time, and told you about the many changes that are going on physically here at The Welcoming House…
But some of that was simply a half truth because I really didn’t know how to put into words what was going on inside of me, as I faced some internal struggles.I know that for some of you, who think my tongue is hinged in the middle and permanently attached to my fingers that is a little hard to believe, but I really had a few things to struggle through before I could write them down for you.I am deeply troubled with the direction our country is headed in, and in the freedoms we enjoy so much as Americans. I am deeply concerned that voices like mine, voices that gently speak for peace, the narrow path, belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior…
Voices that speak of how to take the steps to make yourself more self-sufficient, how to can and preserve, or learn a myriad of other skills to help yourself stand on your own two feet…
Well, honestly, wondering how long we really have until we are silenced.And here is why.
If you could come to my house, walk in the door, and sit down for a cup of coffee at my table, we could talk about everything in our hearts and minds, from today until Sunday. You could see my face, hear my voice and inflections, and know that I sincerely, deeply, care about you as a person. You would see that I care more about what is going on in your life and in your mind that whether or not I am right, or running roughshod over you because you disagree with something that I say.

What does that have to do with where I am at?
Well honestly, I have been greatly concerned for some time that what I teach, and what I say are being monitored. Even to the point of having some weird things happening with the Blog, the Facebook page, and my personal email. I know that sounds a little odd-ball, even for me, but after all the things I have seen in my lifetime, I guess nothing would surprise me. Perhaps it is what I teach? What I say? Whatever it is, I have been seeing some strange things, and received some strange emails in both places the last month or so, many of it just dripping with hate and anger.
No one likes to open emails, or mediate comments like that.
No one likes to be the big bad guy that has to delete another rude and angry person from a Facebook page. And if you know me at ALL, you know I detest confrontation….
but I am a darn good debater. 🙂
However, it seems that common courtesy, and the ability to even have a normal conversation on subjects that may cause contention is no longer even possible. You share something you have on your heart, and BAM, crazy people come out of the woodwork accusing you of hate speech, ignorance, intolerance, whatever. I guess I got more than a little tired of it, and most certainly more wary than normal about what was going on around me.

However, after thinking it through, and struggling with it, I realized something.
I have done nothing wrong.
I love the Lord and that spills over into every area of my life.
I dont ask you to swallow everything I say,  
and I reach out to you even if you disagree with me, 
doing it in love. 

I teach you things that I think are very very important. Skills, ideas, recipes, whatever, that I feel you should be learning and know more about. I want to inspire you, encourage you, and strengthen your own belief in what you can accomplish, leading through example to see you grow and mature, not just in physical things, but in emotional and spiritual things as well!

So this eventually led me, not only to the quote that we started with , but a renewed commitment to step forward, boldly, turning a blind eye and ear to those who have been less than gracious in the last few weeks, both here and on Facebook.
 Simply put, many of you are here
 because you choose to be,
and those that want to gripe, that want to call me a hater for not agreeing with them in whatever aspect, don’t need to read or follow my blog or my page.

And meanwhile, I will go back to blogging, teaching, encouraging and strengthening you, regardless of those people who would love to see me be quiet, and shut this blog, and my Page down.

After all, why fight fire with fire? 
Grace will put it out. 

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday.
Blessings to you and yours

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