Jam—Ten Things To Use it For You Would Never Have Thought Of!

Ah........Jam.  Whether you are talking about the common grape jam that is lurking in everyone's cupboards, or the less common jams using herbs, it is easy for us to fall into the habit of thinking that jam is only good for one thing.On toast.But the reason I put up so many jars of jam a [...]

Blueberry Vanilla Jam–When Life is Sweet, Make Jam, Day 3

Good morning to you all! I don't know about you, but boy is this week just cruising on by! Lovely summer days here in Minnesota are all gone far too quickly! But with a wonderful jar of jam to open throughout the year and use, summer is only one twist of a lid away no [...]

When Life is Sweet, make Jam………..

Good morning to you all! My, how I have missed posting on here in the last few weeks, and yet, I have been so incredibly busy with family visiting, the garden going crazy, and just life, that it was easier to simply take a break. Many hugs and much love to those of you who [...]

Lavender Orange Scones, a recipe for a summer tea party….

Good morning to you! As many of you know, we are quickly coming up on a summer tea party for my oldest daughter. Seeing that she is finally a teenager, and since during her birthday in January Mom could barely drag herself out of bed thanks to the flu, let alone give her a birthday [...]

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Tasty Tuesday–Break Away from that Box! Meals on the Shelf mini-series…

Happy Tasty Tuesday to ya! I was thrilled to get so many good emails and comments  about yesterday's post on Five Meals you can Heat and Eat using a pressure canner. I know when we started making up basic meals it was like a lightbulb went on. I found myself walking through the grocery store [...]

Old Fashioned Donuts…A Special treat for Tasty Tuesday…

Go ahead. Drool. That is exactly what we did as we mixed up this batter, rolled it out,  cut it and then slowly dropped them one by one into the hot oil and watched them bubble. Treats are special things around here, and there is such a peacefulness about working together as a family to [...]

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Make It Yourself Monday—Crockpot Yogurt Made Easy! (plus two other recipes using it!)

Happy Make-It-Yourself-Monday to you! You know, this day of the week is quickly becoming a favorite as it gives me a chance to share with you some of the simple and fun things we do around here to make every dollar stretch in our budget! I get emails and comments often, mostly by my readers [...]

Citrus Sunshine Breakfast Cake for those Dark and Dreary Winter mornings…

I am quite sure if you listen to the news lately, no matter where you live in the United States (and possibly elsewhere) you know that my state, Minnesota, is experiencing some of the coldest temps we have had in four years or more. As in standing temps below zero with windchills cold enough to [...]

Make-It-Yourself-Monday….”Good Gravy, thats GREAT Granola!”

I have a confession to make. Today's post was SO fun, SO addicting, and SO easy that I simply replaced what I was REALLY going to write about today with this. Seriously. Not only does it have pictures to make it easy on you wonderful people who hate to read through directions, but just the [...]

Top 5 AMAZING Master Mix recipes from 2012—Reading this hungry is just as bad as shopping while hungry!

What would a countdown of the Top Five posts be like here on The Welcoming House if I did not feature some of the amazing recipes that we have covered here in the last year? As a stay at home/Work at home Mom, I absolutely love finding delicious, frugal recipes that I can bless my [...]

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