When the Squash takes over your dining room…..and a recipe to use it up. :)

                                Good Morning, everyone! What a crazy weekend we had here at the real Welcoming House! First on Friday we had the county fair. We also had the blessing to be able to attend the rodeo and take a gander at the rabbit barn, which made my day. My rabbits would have rocked the fair, [...]

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Back to the Basics—Why Those Little Seasoning Packets stay at the Store….

Good to morning to you! I was pleasantly surprised to have such a wonderful response to this series the last two days, and it makes me remember how when someone first introduced me to the concept of Master Mixes I spent every last hour of free time I had reading up on it, and then [...]

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Back to the Basics—the Five Baking Master Mixes I Can’t Live Without….

 Good Morning, everyone!   Do you know how much fun I am having blogging about this little series? There is just something about being able to share something you are passionate about with wonderful readers who love to comment and share what they are learning, either here or over on the Welcoming House Facebook Page! [...]

Welcoming Wednesday #12–It’s a Linky Party!

Good morning! Its that wonderful time of the week that so many of you look forward to-- I really hope you share with your friends, and get them over here, because everyone that wins "featured Blogger of the Week" will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Amazon that [...]

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Cheeseburger Pizza rocks………and my kids love it too!

Good morning everyone! I have a very short window of time to post this morning as I have a full day ahead of me with lessons and life with my family. However, yesterday I promised you the recipe for my Cheeseburger Pizza---something we eat regularly around here on Saturday night, and I wanted to make [...]

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Fabulously Frugal Friday—a Few Thoughts, and Pineapple Chicken with five ingredients….

Good morning! Whew what a week it has been with the weather around here....we are trying to dig out from ANOTHER winter storm that dumped 8 inches of snow (on top of the 14 we had less than a week ago) and closed a lot of main roads and schools due to the blizzard winds [...]

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Spring Fling with Papa Burgers…..

Yesterday was the first glimpse we had of a breath of Spring. Water running from the roof, dripping on the steps. Our first taste of warm air kissing the snow, melting it away from the driveway. Birds singing and the sound of liquid Spring everywhere we turned. So how did we celebrate? We made Papa [...]

Tasty Tuesday–Break Away from that Box! Meals on the Shelf mini-series…

Happy Tasty Tuesday to ya! I was thrilled to get so many good emails and comments  about yesterday's post on Five Meals you can Heat and Eat using a pressure canner. I know when we started making up basic meals it was like a lightbulb went on. I found myself walking through the grocery store [...]

5 Meals you can Heat and Eat….Make it Yourself Monday….

Happy Make-It-Yourself-Monday Morning  to ya! I had a busy weekend trying to potty train two Littles and that took up a majority of my time, instead of being able to blog, so I just relied on your generosity to wait for me to get my ducks in a row on the Meals in a Jar [...]

Learning to Preserve the Basics—-Combining it ALL for Great Meals…

I cant tell you how many times these last two days worth of posts have gone through my mind  in the last two weeks. I will be making something in my kitchen and simply grab a jar out of my cupboard, whether that is dried foods, canned foods, a spice, whatever, and think about writing [...]

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