Why I dehydrate browned hamburger and make jerky rock hard for the cupboard….Learning to Preserve the Basics Day Four

Good morning! We only have a few more days left of this series on and I want to make sure that if you have missed any of the days you will have access to it! Click below for each day: Day One: Potatoes-A Basic Staple Day Two: The Beauty of Dried Beans Day Three: Frozen [...]

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What to do with Meats…….Learning to Preserve the Basics (day four)

Happy Monday Morning to you all! I am very excited about the rest of this week as we touch on a few other items and ways of preserving that we do here at the real Welcoming House. Today and tomorrow we are going to be talking about different ways of processing and preserving meat in [...]

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Learning to Preserve the Basics—Why I buy frozen veggies 20 bags at a time…

What a fun series this has been for me to put out! I wanted quickly to add some tips to the days past: For Day One  where I teach you the whys and hows of canning potatoes, I want you to know I also buy frozen hash browns and dehydrate those all the time. They [...]

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Learning to Preserve the Basics—The Beauty of Dried Beans….

Welcome back to Day two of our newest series: If you missed the first day, just click here to catch up. Today is another easy tutorial on a staple food that many cultures and climates use to supplement their diets in place of meats, or to ease the strain of the cost of meat on [...]

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Learning to Preserve the Basics—Canning and using potatoes

Good morning to you!  Although it is a Thursday, we are kicking off a new series that is designed to teach you how to preserve the basics in your home and learn how to use them in meals. There will be plenty of recipes throughout the next ten days, and while I can not cover [...]

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Double Batch Cooking with Enchilada Filling…

Good morning! I decided to break with my traditional writing of my Thoughtful Thursday, and instead give you a little glimpse today into some of the things I do regularly to keep my family fed, my time streamlined and not overwhelmed, and my freezer filled with meals that I can use at any time.   [...]

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Welcoming Wednesday Link Party #3!!!

Welcome to our THIRD LINK UP PARTY of 2013!   I cant tell you how excited I am to have this link up every Wednesday, and see what you have been doing and sharing over on your blog! Each week I will be featuring the blog(s) that I was drawn to the most from the [...]

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Top 5 AMAZING Master Mix recipes from 2012—Reading this hungry is just as bad as shopping while hungry!

What would a countdown of the Top Five posts be like here on The Welcoming House if I did not feature some of the amazing recipes that we have covered here in the last year? As a stay at home/Work at home Mom, I absolutely love finding delicious, frugal recipes that I can bless my [...]

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Top 5 Series Posts for 2012—this is ONE post you simply dont want to miss. :)

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to extend an idea onto paper, and then flesh it out, filling it with information that helps, teaches, and shows others how easy some things are to do with a little help. Above and beyond many of the posts I have written this last year, [...]

Is the WonderMill Wonderful, or……not? A review between the WonderMill and the Nutrimill….

Good morning everyone! As promised a couple weeks ago, I am doing a review today on the differences and similarities between a Nutrimill and a WonderMill, both of which I have been blessed with in the last couple of years. I feel that between the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge, and steady use of the WonderMill [...]

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