Make Your Own Flavored Coffee Grounds for a Fraction of the Price!

Guess what? It is the start of a brand new year AND a new year of our.. And on a wonderful spin off from last year's incredibly popular post (over 500 hits in ONE DAY) on DIY coffee Syrups, our super popular post on DIY powdered coffee creamers, and with a whole new spin for those [...]

The Best link I have found for Crockpot meals…..Tasty Tuesday!

Well we all know it is coming. School begins in our household this week, even though it is around the dining room table, and believe it or not, that means a little bit of stress as we get our lives back on track and into a routine for the first week. Which is why I [...]

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We Survived. Did you?

Today is the last day of the Food Storage challenge, and while we survived, it was good to see how much since my stroke we have been relying on the things in our pantry that are convenience foods instead of making things. While we homeschool, it is still a blessing to have many meals made [...]

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Busy Busy Busy means a Full Cupboard come Winter

Good morning (almost afternoon here) readers! I am so sorry that I did not post yesterday, but have been diligently trying to get the garden into the pantry, and pushing loads through both the pressure canner, water bath canner, and the dehydrator as we plan ahead for winter. It can be such a challenge, right? [...]

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Its been ONE week… are you doing?

It has. It has been ONE week. What is happening in your household? Have you seen any disruptions in things you are used to and use a lot? We had a hard time finding the all purpose flour the other day and substituted some whole wheat flour in a recipe we had not tried before. [...]

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Does this look “Disgusting” to you? an effort to clear up the controversy my post caused on eating leftovers and rolling them forward into other meals (which honestly, came out of left field and surprised me), I wanted to share a simple recipe and show you what I meant. Come on. Really? Does this look disgusting to you? Of course [...]

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Lovely. Delicious. And Food storage Handy.

Since my stroke in May of this year, I have found I tire easily and yet, that has led to some very creative ways of doing things. Many years ago, growing in the Grand Valley of Colorado, I remember how easily so many things were made of peaches. Peach jam Peach salsa. Peach topping. I [...]

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So How Did Your Weekend go on Food storage?

I thought often about my readers this weekend, as we just easily transferred into "food storage mentality" and took everything in stride. Having done it for years means that we are used to smoothly moving right into that, using up the fresh or making it stretch, and then relying on what we have carefully put [...]

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Its the start of a brand new month, and a brand new challenge, and to be honest, I am incredibly excited about doing this right by your side. I intentionally picked an easy month for this challenge, because many people have gardens coming in, or food is available more inexpensively than during the winter months. [...]

Tomorrow our Food Storage Challenge begins…..are you READY?

I am excited that we have received so much awesome feedback from so many of you about participating in this challenge for the first two weeks of August. I wanted to give you some ideas, and some encouragement in doing it, because I know for some of you it is going to be really challenging [...]

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