New Year, New Skill—Making simple projects for Health and Wellness

What a crazy morning it has been around here! Yesterday our regular PC just crashed, and it was a scramble to try to find out how to post and approve comments, share each post, not to mention just plain get on the internet. We do not know yet if we will be able to get [...]

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New Year, New Skill–Simple Kitchen projects for your new sewing skills!

I don't know about you, but seriously, being caught with a hot pan that needs to come out of the oven, and not being able to find a SINGLE POT HOLDER OF THE MANY I OWN is a rather frustrating place to be. Many years ago, women used their thick aprons, towels folded up, etc, [...]

New Year, New Skill—14 Simple and Basic Sewing Tutorials to Get you Started.

Good Monday Morning to you! Over on The Welcoming House Facebook page we have been chatting about new skills and things people would like to learn this year. As a practical person, who has learned a lot in the last five + years on this journey, I was eager to listen to everyone and put [...]

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Pintastic Pinteresting Party #4! Come share your Links!

Its that day again----Think Tank Thursday where we get to hear and see YOUR very best posts from the past week! I chose two fabulous posts from this last week that both resonated with me, for completely different reasons! As a coffee lover, Sandra's post on her Blog, Sandra's Ark---a Dose of Encouragement 1---and her [...]

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9 Fabulous Family-Tested Ways to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Good morning to  you! Today is going to be a post full of fun and simple time-tested ideas for chasing the winter blues far far away. January is just one of those months, isn't it? The coldness of the weather that often keeps us inside here on the Prairie can lead to shorter tempers, weather [...]

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The very VERY cutest way to Use up “lost” socks….MIY Monday!

We all have them. Every single one of us. And while some people have got it all together and have nothing to do on their hands but make cutesy creations to hold them forever in effigy like this Pinterest Find: That would just be a torturous reminder to me that I have three girls and [...]

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A Beautiful Birthday Girl—and Making Watercolor Tissue Poms!

It is Fabulously Frugal Friday and boy do I have a simply frugal, and super GORGEOUS tutorial for you that we did this week at the Welcoming House! It was so much of both, in fact, I still want to pinch myself! My oldest daughter turned 14 this week *sniff sniff* and in honor of [...]

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Making Mittens for VERY Little Moola…

You know you have them. . Those sweaters, lurking in the back of the closet that you just can not bring yourself to part with. The ones that have shrunk (one way or another), or whose style is simply out of fashion (but you love the color of), or are just simply too ragged for everyday wear, [...]

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100 MORE Simply Delightful DIY Christmas Gifts—for those of us still hoping to create that perfect gift!

Yep, you know it was going to happen. SO many folks don't have their gifts finished yet, OR are trying to do it on a budget, and SO I decided to be pretty helpful and give you MORE ideas than I did last week when I posted on 100+ Simply Delightful Christmas Ideas. We all [...]

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Pamper that Special Someone with A Giveaway from Kleine’s Country Farm Soaps!

 We are on the home stretch now, with less than two weeks  until Christmas, and I hope that you have a good idea at least of what you will be giving your family and friends for their presents! But there is always that ONE person who is hard to buy for, who has everything, who [...]

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