Fabulously Frugal Friday–Cooking with Master Mixes…

Happy HAPPY Fabulously Frugal Friday to you! Today I wanted to just cover a little bit why Master Mixes are such a huge help in my kitchen, and why I use them all the time. TWO REASONS: Money and Time. One is not very important to me (take a guess which one),  and the other [...]

A Gift From the Heart……

Happy Friday!!! I wanted to do a short post and show you one of the things that has been happening around here this week at the real Welcoming House. As many of you know, from reading, we moved into this house almost one year ago in October! Hard to believe it has been a full [...]

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Mouthwatering Recipes using Dried Foods….

GoooooOOD MORNING!!!!!!! (say this in an imitation voice like Robin Williams, and you will get my jist) It just might be another good morning for a cup of coffee, double strength. Why??? (lentils, popcorn and rice) Because I am about to overload you with recipes today and tomorrow on how to use your dried foods [...]

There is a lot more to Dried Meat than Beef Jerky….

For most people, when they think of any kind of dried meat at all, they immediately get a picture in their head of some form of jerky. source credit Beef jerky Buffalo jerky. Turkey jerky.... and I could go on and on and on. But what a lot of people dont realize is that many [...]

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How to dehydrate fruits and veggies…and recipes for using them!

Thanks everyone, for being so patient as I try to get things in order around the real Welcoming House. I am happy to report both my littles are doing better, and sleeping right now. Looks like the ear infections are staved off for now, and all I have to do is get a little more [...]

Waste Not, Want Not………the Many ways to use up an ear of Corn……..

   Garden season is in high swing around here in the balmy North. Although I have not gotten much produce yet from my own gardens, I have been seriously spending my time canning up what I can get, and filling our pantry for the coming year.    I have noticed two things lately that keep [...]

Fabulously Frugal Friday~~A NEW MASTER MIX~~

Welcome back to Fabulously Frugal Friday! And oh, do I have something this week that you are going to cheer and hug me for. For those of you who have been with me for quite a while, you know all about how big I am on Master Mixes for your kitchen.  They save time, they [...]


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