FREE Adorable Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and GIVEAWAY!

Who says you need to go to a store to make some adorable, simple pumpkins for your Autumn Decor? Not me! *wink* Even more....if you comment below, then you get entered for your very own pumpkin stack that you choose of the ones shown! One person will get a fun surprise AUTUMN package from me! [...]

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Gentle Essential Oil Cleaner for Old Wood

One of the things about living in a 120 year old learn that it takes a good amount of time and energy to upkeep. Finding an effective, simple, and gently recipe to take care of the gorgeous wood around this house has taken time...and some experimenting. However, I love having a cleaner that not [...]

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Forget fences…be a good neighbor

When I moved here to the MN prairies 12 years ago I thought it was so so strange that no one fenced their yard in. Coming from a place where everyone has fences, it seemed too open, too intrusive, not clear where the boundaries were. I fought against it. I begged my husband for a [...]

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When you Marry a man with a Homesteading Heart….

Ok Welcoming House readers, brace yourself. I am going go tell you exactly what might happen if you decide you are going to marry a man, or woman, with a homesteading heart. Now, to be fair, you might look at the two of us and wonder which one of us had more dreams to run [...]

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Welcome to a Sweet New Year….

Its the very first day of a beautiful new year, and I love it. Feels like when you open a fresh clean notebook for the first time, and stare at the lovely crisp pages just waiting to be filled with memories like a journal...or notes from conferences you attended. I love how fresh and clean [...]

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Ditch Every Chemical Cleaner in your house with ONE product…..

Its true. A year ago I would probably have laughed at you if you had told me I could get rid of things like Bleach, and Lysol spray, and be content that my house was actually clean. I would have laughed harder if you told me I could not only clean my shower, but my [...]

Make it Yourself Monday—4 dresses with One Pattern!

Good Monday morning to ya, Welcoming House readers! As many of you know from our totally rocking series in January about learning skills that need to be remembered, around here at the real Welcoming House sewing is an important skill. I love being able to take some fabric and a few doodads and make my [...]

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Gorgeous Wooden Hooks….and you can WIN some. :D

Many of you who have been following along with posts in April were in LOVE with the amazing and gorgeous Crochet-Along that I have been making the last few weeks as we have been in hospitals and waiting rooms with my mother (and my daughter now). So I have a fun (*squeal*) and gorgeous surprise [...]

Five Simple Ways to Shave Money off your Grocery Budget (Part Two)

If you are just joining us on this totally awesome series after clicking a link on Pinterest or BlogLovin, I hope that you take a moment to read the FIRST part of our series and grab those ideas for saving money as well. You can find it right here by clicking this link. I promise, [...]

Crocheting something of Beauty….

A few months ago, in the midst of stress and time sitting on my hands at hospitals, I decided what I really needed to do was give myself the ability to create something and keep myself sane. What started at that point was a journey with something new that I have not yet been able [...]

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