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Its Harvest Time again……and each year it just reminds me…

Yep. Its harvest time again. The fields have gone from dark and dead to large parcels of combed earth....very much reminding me of how the Handy Hubby's hair looks in contrast to when he gets up vs when he leaves for work in an hour or so. Nice orderly combed rows where the combine has [...]

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Are you my REAL mommy?

I knew it would happen one day. I guess in my heart I was just hoping it would happen when they were a little older and would be able to understand a little more when we explained it. The other day we stopped in at an old favorite restaurant, where the seven year old daughter [...]

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A New Direction…….

Good morning all my lovely Welcoming House peeps! I pray your Independence Day celebrations were as fun and filled with good food as ours were. :D As many of you have noticed, I took a short break from blogging through June as I had many things on my plate...including getting a new garden in a [...]

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Living in the Messy…

I know many of our amazing and supportive readers have been following along on our personal page with the many things our family has gone through this year. From a state to state move after a job loss, to my mother's crash in health and moving in with us, and now lately to my oldest [...]

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Ringing in the New Year with a New Beginning

Ah, dear readers, what an ending to the year these last few months have been around here. Our family has been through the wringer since I last sat down here and chatted with you, but our faith in the Lord is still strong, the determination for our family to see what could be coming our [...]

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Back to A “New” Normal…

What a crazy six months it has been around here. When I look at everything we were going through around Christmas time, and then again through the months of January - June, I just have to shake my head and be very very thankful that we are on the upswing of such a long year [...]

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Where is God when it IS more than I can handle?

First of all, let me say as a preface that this post is not directed at anyone in particular. SO many of your beautiful notes of encouragement and emails of concern and prayers made my day a couple days ago. But they also sparked something in my heart that I want to write to you about [...]

When the Going gets tough…Have faith.

So many have asked over on the Facebook page how my oldest daughter is doing because they know we are back in the game, starting to blog again, running our Young Living classes again, and just finally back at home. She is doing SO well now...it is a blessing to my heart. Seeing her up [...]

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All it takes is ONE kind word…..

OH my......... Too many things happening lately and I am falling dreadfully behind in my blogging and keeping you all up on Spring slowly creeping in on the Welcoming House Homestead. :) Mainly my time lately has been just trying to keep all the balls in the air and juggling without dropping one. My Big [...]

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The Power of being Positively Prepared…

I have noticed a slight, but growing, fundamental shift in the last six months when it comes to being prepared for anything. More and more people are not only getting their feet wet, stepping into the world of "prepping" but are beginning to show how being prepared for simple things, from power outages to natural [...]