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Sometimes Miracles Really DO Happen… Part 2 of Anna’s story…

SO if you are just joining me this morning, and have not been able to read the first part of our story through our oldest daughter's brain surgery and walking through it, then please, go there first. I wanted to say that miracles do happen. They do. It is hard sometimes when you are in [...]

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Called To Be A Mom When You Can’t Afford It!

Hi, I'm Jill and I'm stopping in from Called To Be A Mom.  We have been keeping Heather and her crew in prayer this past week. I am also so excited to have been selected as a guest blogger while Heather has been taking care of things way more important than blogging!  Thank you, The [...]

By | March 10th, 2014|Encourage Me|5 Comments

February—the Sweetest Month of the Year…

Ahhhh...February. Cold, bitter weeks lie behind us, and one of my favorite months is here. What does February say to you? To me it whispers... Spring is coming in 6-8 weeks and the cold can not last forever. Baby Bunnies with their adorable ears and warm fuzzy little bodies are only a month away. Seeds [...]

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A Simple, Sweet Sunday Post………Meet Kodie

For many of you wondering why in the world you are getting updates from The Welcoming House on Sundays, a first for me, it is because I have accepted a challenge this month to post every single day of the month. While it has been challenging for me as a blogger and writer, and I [...]

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9 Fabulous Family-Tested Ways to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Good morning to  you! Today is going to be a post full of fun and simple time-tested ideas for chasing the winter blues far far away. January is just one of those months, isn't it? The coldness of the weather that often keeps us inside here on the Prairie can lead to shorter tempers, weather [...]

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When THIS happens…….it makes your day!

Hello everyone! I hope that YOUR Monday was as eventful as MY Monday was, since it contained a huge fat surprise around lunchtime. :) For those of you that do not follow our Welcoming House Page over on Facebook, I share on Saturday how absolutely horrible my Saturday was. Just as I was putting in [...]

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One Day at a Time…Why Resolutions can CRIPPLE you…

I am a list lover. I love seeing it written out, right in front of me, the things that need to be accomplished for the day. I started writing lists in college, with a double major, job, and college life, I knew I needed to keep track of it somehow. Every night before bed I [...]

By | January 5th, 2014|Encourage Me, Faith, Strengthen Me|7 Comments

Blowing a Kiss to 2013…(and the 20 lessons it taught me…)

The minutes tick slowly by. The Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room, its splendor forgotten, and its light dim as the old year wanes and the New Year draws close. Its always a bittersweet celebration for me. Each year has been filled with joy and laughter, trials and tears, but this one has [...]

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If you are a Mom who wants to be home….you SHOULD read this book!

Today I am reviewing a book by my friend, Jill, who heads up the blog Called To Be a Mom! She very recently put our her very first E-book on how to make things work financially so that you CAN be at home with your children, as so many of my readers desire to be. [...]

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Unwrapping the Gift—A Book to Herald the Season!

A lot of wonderful firsts happening here right on this post today, and I am so thrilled to share them with you right now. First of all, it is December 1st. It is the first Book Promotion I have been blessed to do on the New House Blog, and the first that I have been [...]