Let It Begin…..First Day of School!

I laugh daily at the posts I am seeing on social media from  friends, showing them like this.. or this.... or even this.... when their kids head off to school. (If you're the mamma in the last pic, wow, man, you have my sympathies...) Some people get all worked up about those pics, and harp [...]

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Dear Friend of a Mom who has Miscarried….

I saw it on Facebook. My heart stopped as I read of the passing of another child that was the heart of one of my friends. A child they prayed for. A child they had yet to meet. A child who was loved and desired, and would have been one of the most spoiled children [...]

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And then they turned SIX…….

You know, its funny when I look back. For some reason when we brought these adorable beautiful, curly headed Littles home I never envisioned them finally growing up and deciding it was time to lose teeth and learn to read, to be able to ride a bike without training wheels, or jump rope with each [...]

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When a blogger cant find the words…

I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while, but as you can see by the title of this post, its been challenging. I used to be braver, I think, but as the world changes so rapidly around me I have pulled more into myself and my family. That is certainly not [...]

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Words for my Daughter as she turns 16….

Today is a red-letter day in our oldest daughter turns 16. And while that makes me feel old, after all, there were only 20 candles in the box and only FOUR left when I was done making her cake, I have thought long and hard about the words I want to put on paper [...]

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Choosing Thankfulness….

It is November. And what does that mean around here? For us, as a family, we devote a few minutes each day to talking about the many things that we are thankful for in our lives. I strongly believe that teaching your children to find the extraordinary in the every day things fosters a spirit [...]

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Thankful on a Thursday….

Today is the first, real crisp Fall day I have seen. So far everything has been gorgeous and beautiful, and warm weather, with a few nippy nights. It has been a really tough year. Honestly. Aren't I always honest with you? (don't answer that. :D ) I was thinking yesterday, as I looked back over [...]

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Its Harvest Time again……and each year it just reminds me…

Yep. Its harvest time again. The fields have gone from dark and dead to large parcels of combed earth....very much reminding me of how the Handy Hubby's hair looks in contrast to when he gets up vs when he leaves for work in an hour or so. Nice orderly combed rows where the combine has [...]

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