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Top 5 Series Posts for 2012—this is ONE post you simply dont want to miss. :)

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to extend an idea onto paper, and then flesh it out, filling it with information that helps, teaches, and shows others how easy some things are to do with a little help. Above and beyond many of the posts I have written this last year, [...]

The Top 5 DIY Posts of 2012 from The Welcoming House!

While we are still in the recovering part of everyone being sick with the flu or a nasty head cold, it feels WONDERFUL to back here, with you, blogging my heart out about the last year. What a wonderful year of blessings this has been for our family here at the Real Welcoming House, and [...]

Day 12–A HomeSpun Christmas—Giveaway with Laurie of Just Jolly clothing creations!!!!

What an absolutely wonderful time I am having with my little sisters here for Christmas. Not only did my baby sister fly in from Colorado to spend six days with us, but my middle sister also showed up on the bus the very next day to surprise us as well, and so we have been [...]

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Day Ten of A HomeSpun Christmas—Giveaway with Angela Niles of Flutterbug Creations

We are halfway through our special week of giveaways   supporting home based businesses here at The Wecloming House, and what a fun ride it has been! Today is no different! While we have one more special day to participate in the giveaway being offered by Mary of Checkerboards and Etc of I am [...]

Day 9 of A HomeSpun Christmas—Giveaway with Mary Larsen of Checkerboards Etc

What a fantastic week it has been so far, right? I have been really blessed by the participation and the feedback I have been getting from many of you here and over on the Facebook page. Isn't it a great year to support small businesses for your Christmas purchasing? So many families are struggling to [...]

Day 8 of A Home Spun Christmas and Giveaway from Kleine’s Country Farm! Wahooo!

You know, as I sit here blogging, I am reflecting on how blessed I am. I have the best friends, really I do. And God has blessed me with leading me to some really awesome and amazing people. From people like Ginny over at The Joyful Cottage... to Kristina, my college friend who is now [...]

Day Six of a HomeSpun Christmas—–Giveaway with The Joyful Cottage!!

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!!! Today is a day I have been looking forward to for weeks as I get to share a giveaway with my dear friend, Ginny of The Joyful Cottage. Just makes me happy all over, it does, and what a great week this has been, [...]

Day Five of a HomeSpun Christmas—DIY Ornaments that are simple, and stylish!

Good morning to you, everyone! I am very excited to share today's post with you, because for the second time in a week, I get to partner with a dear friend of mine, Cindy Wagner from Cinj's Chat Room! She has been busy writing up posts on her favorite ornaments to make, while we have [...]

Day Three of A HomeSpun Christmas—three Gorgeous treats to fill up a Cookie Plate…with Special Guest Kelly Nale from The Empty Nest Farm!!

What would Christmas be like  without beautiful gifts  to give those you love? We have had a long-standing tradition around our home of making platters of cookies and taking them to friends and neighbors to tell them how much we love and appreciate them.  It really is amazing how much a plate of cookies can [...]

Day One of A Homespun Christmas–A Grand Kickoff, an Amazing Giveaway, a Gorgeous tutorial, and HUGE announcement!

I really hate glue guns. Really hate them. As in, if I had an arch nemesis, all they would have to do is brandish a glue gun as a weapon and I would be forever vanquished. However, glue guns serve their purposes quite well, and make my life much much easier when it comes to [...]



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