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Its Labor Day…and “Support a Small Business” in September Day!

You know me..........not only do I have a rabid tenacity about supporting small businesses, as a small business owner I really love telling others about businesses I have found that make a quality product, and support a family while they do it. Today, in honor of Labor Day, when most of us are out celebrating [...]

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This week we have a FABULOUS recipe that we are featuring for the Pintastic Pinteresting Party!

 What fun this last week was with all the pins and support, new blogs joining us, and so many fun reads this week! I am posting my featured article in honor of the request of my Handy Hubby who saw her picture and went: "THAT ONE. THAT is what you are making for dinner" LOL [...]

Its that awesome time of the week again! Pinteresting Pintastic Party Time!!! :)

Its  Thursday and you all know what THAT means! It means that a wonderful line up of awesome blog posts are going to be posted here this week that we are blessed to read through and choose what really appeals to us that week! I had a wonderful time reading through posts this last week, [...]

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A little Bling for Valentine’s Day from Lilla Rose!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week and gearing up for Valentines Day! My sweet girls are all excited about making their cards for friends today, and I have been perusing Pinterest for lots of fun ideas! So today, in honor of a wonderful friendship, and also something that is one of [...]

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Pintastic Pinteresting Party #4! Come share your Links!

Its that day again----Think Tank Thursday where we get to hear and see YOUR very best posts from the past week! I chose two fabulous posts from this last week that both resonated with me, for completely different reasons! As a coffee lover, Sandra's post on her Blog, Sandra's Ark---a Dose of Encouragement 1---and her [...]

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Pamper that Special Someone with A Giveaway from Kleine’s Country Farm Soaps!

 We are on the home stretch now, with less than two weeks  until Christmas, and I hope that you have a good idea at least of what you will be giving your family and friends for their presents! But there is always that ONE person who is hard to buy for, who has everything, who [...]

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DIY Pedestal Serving Pieces—a Gorgeous Compliment to your Christmas Dinner!!

When I opened my email and read this amazing guest post by Val of DIY Home Blog, I was floored, excited, and super super thrilled to share this with you. Incredibly gorgeous stemware and tableware, created simply with a little glue and love, and the results are absolutely stunning. Best part is, you don't have [...]

“Christmas Pure and Simple”—a giveaway by WhimZB’s Creations!

Brrrrrrrrrrr!!! Baby it is COLD outside here right now, and while I love snow for Christmas, personally I think the craziness of -35* below zero for overnight temps is a little extreme for December.....right? But either way, Christmas spirit is bubbling over here at the Welcoming House during our HomeSpun Christmas Celebration as we encourage [...]

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Sweet Memories of Christmases Past…A guest post by Diana Dougherty

I have so many precious and wonderful memories of the Christmases that we had as a child. The tree, the presents, the year we went Christmas caroling around the block and had snowballs thrown at us by the guy I had maintained a four year crush on  (I started in Kindgergarten). Every year my mother [...]

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You KNOW You want to…….

I can see it now. You read the title, and immediately  dark and forbidden things flit across your mind. Things like.... Of COURSE you want to eat all the chocolate chips you have managed sneakily to have stashed deep in the freezer to avoid the kids' (and Handy Hubby's) ravaging moments. Of COURSE you want [...]

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