Wellness Wednesday—first steps back to health!

If you read my earlier post, you know that I have been struggling with a serious, crippling disorder for the last few years. If you read my IG today...you would know that I am determined to not be silenced about the challenges I have had finding true support and encouragement, or how things began to [...]

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3 Back to School Essential Oil Recipes for Kids

We do a lot of things differently around here. If you have been reading our blog for even a short period of time you know we tend to be as self-sufficient as possible, educated and curious in alternatives, and determined to give our kids the least toxin filled upbringing as we can. Yes, this sets [...]

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17 years…bringing me to tears…

I write this with tears streaming down my face. Happy tears, lest you worry something bad happened and immediately want to read further to find out what. Actually happy tears because I never, ever, thought we would get here. My sweet, sacrificial, lion-hearted, gentle-and-strong spirited oldest daughter, Annalise, turns 17 today. And for those of [...]

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Boosting Your Immune and Respiratory System….

Did you know that there are many common sense ways to support your immune system and your respiratory system through the colder months? This is an area our family has learned a lot on the last few years, and I am always passionate about sharing it with others who might be where we were back [...]

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When you KNOW what’s coming….

As the long warm days of summer pass and the shorter, crisper days of Fall greet me each morning, I am reminded that all too soon we will be watching carefully who comes into our home, staying at home when we are struggling with illnesses, and considering carefully how much exposure to illness we will [...]

Ditch Every Chemical Cleaner in your house with ONE product…..

Its true. A year ago I would probably have laughed at you if you had told me I could get rid of things like Bleach, and Lysol spray, and be content that my house was actually clean. I would have laughed harder if you told me I could not only clean my shower, but my [...]

Four Things To Keep Us Healthy….

As the years have passed and we try to get healthier... and learn more about real health instead of what some establishment tells us is healthy... I have found a few things that really help our family. Today I decided that sharing these simple tips with you will hopefully help you see as well that [...]

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Five Simple Ways to Shave Money off your Grocery Budget (Part Two)

If you are just joining us on this totally awesome series after clicking a link on Pinterest or BlogLovin, I hope that you take a moment to read the FIRST part of our series and grab those ideas for saving money as well. You can find it right here by clicking this link. I promise, [...]

Why we stop the car for this Little Red Clover head..

Foraging. Wow, is that a word with a lot of meanings to it or what? I know when I used to think of the word "foraging" it sounded suspiciously like the word RUMMAGING...as in rummaging through a dumpster looking for food. Or perhaps the word RAVAGING..you know like a ravaging horde that destroys everything, leaving [...]

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Make It Yourself Monday–Why I Ditched Febreeze…and Made Something Better!

Not just better. Healthier. Natural, not chemical. Just to give you a heads up....if you are using Febreeze, every time you spray that bottle, you are filling your house with neurotoxins and lots and lots of other nasties. All for the sake of couches that smell fresh and clean. Or curtains that convince us that [...]



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