Using Plantain for bug bites…….Simple Herbal Remedies Day One

Good Monday Morning to you! I hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was full of time with kids, time with friends, and lots of fun, so we are starting this week off on a good vibe here around The Welcoming House. And what a wonderful week we have ahead of here on the Blog! This [...]

Sunshine in a Jar—making Dandelion Jelly!

Good morning! Sorry I have been MIA lately, but with the rush of Spring/Summer around here, I have been desperately trying to get so many things done that we had to wait on with the late cold weather! Today, however, I am going to share with you one of my favorite things to make this [...]

Make-It-Yourself Monday is Back—-how to make a “Boo-Boo Bag” for new moms!

Good morning to you! What a lovely weekend it was around the Welcoming House! Spring has finally Sprung, and with that has come kittens, and baby bunnies, and lots of t-shirt and shorts kinda weather. We went from crazy snow just a week ago to the mid 70's this weekend, and the kiddos at the [...]

Sinus Infections and Upper Respiratory Yuck Getting You Down? AMAZING Herbal Remedy To Make At Home

 Good morning to you! I am blessed this morning to introduce you to one of my friends and a great blogger, Karina Ritchey!  She hosts a fantastic blog over at  Celebrate Every Day!  and her posts are often linked over on the Welcoming House Facebook Page. She, like me, has an interest in many different [...]

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Make-It Yourself Monday–Five Simple` Ingredients and you Have Toothpaste….

In my years of making all my own mixes, and learning how to bake and cook from scratch, I slowly became aware of two things. Number one: toiletry items are rather expensive, and a large part of any household budget... and Number Two: surely, if I could replace so many things with homemade alternatives in [...]

What true love really LOOKS Like…..A Valentine Love story in a few words, and some pictures…

To be honest, its kinda a sucky Valentines Day from the view from the couch. I was trying, really really trying this morning, to find the silver lining on a dark cloud that has kind of taken over my current existence. It is a cloud filled with regret, lots of pain, and irritation at being [...]

The Launching of Growing Your Own Medicine….my second EBook is available!

Here it is, at long last, the SECOND Ebook from The Welcoming House. based off of the AMAZINGLY popular series, Growing Your Own Medicine, which was the top trending series of 2012, this book has MORE herbs, MORE advice, MORE ways to use, and grow herbs than that series covered. Many of you joined the [...]

Welcoming Wednesday #5………

Welcome to our Fifth  LINK UP PARTY of 2013!  I cant tell you how excited I am to have this link up every Wednesday, and see what you have been doing and sharing over on your blog!   This week we had a small but mighty crowd, including post links from some fabulous bloggers! I [...]

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Wecloming Wednesday Linky Party #4!!

Welcome to our Fourth  LINK UP PARTY of 2013!  I cant tell you how excited I am to have this link up every Wednesday, and see what you have been doing and sharing over on your blog! This week I chose Gretchen from 31 Cups  for my featured Blogger,   because one of her posts [...]

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Ten Life Lessons that having the Flu will teach you….

Yep. This post is all about the things that the FLU will teach you. Its not about how to heal yourself, make yourself a miraculous syrup from elderberries that will keep the flu from your door, or a fool-proof way to stop your children from looking at you one minute and then vomiting on your [...]