Ten Life Lessons that having the Flu will teach you….

Yep. This post is all about the things that the FLU will teach you. Its not about how to heal yourself, make yourself a miraculous syrup from elderberries that will keep the flu from your door, or a fool-proof way to stop your children from looking at you one minute and then vomiting on your [...]

Top 5 Series Posts for 2012—this is ONE post you simply dont want to miss. :)

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to extend an idea onto paper, and then flesh it out, filling it with information that helps, teaches, and shows others how easy some things are to do with a little help. Above and beyond many of the posts I have written this last year, [...]

Make It Yourself Monday—the Best Ideas Floating around from Other Sites, an Update, and a Winner….

Whew, what a weekend it has been! When you are busy little bees reading this on Monday, I will be busy running kids through piano lessons, taking guitar lessons (that is, if I dont forget my guitar this week), teaching an amazingly smart group of homeschool kids about music from the  1600-1700's, and thinking longingly [...]

“Getting a Little Wiser” Wednesday—Let’s talk about Thyme…

You have heard the old saying "Time Heals all Wounds'? Well, if you were talking about the herb Thyme, in a play on words, you just might be a little closer to the truth that you realize. Thyme is a delight to grow, I think, as it takes so little care, and a single branch [...]

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“Getting a Little Wiser” Wednesday—-Learning to use Rosemary for your Health…

First I want to thank one of my readers over at the Welcoming House Facebook Page for giving me the idea of starting with Rosemary today. I had just watched the presidential debates, and for those of you that know me, it got my wheels spinning, and my heart racing, and my thoughts all cally-wampus [...]

Tasty Tuesday–Another fantastic Fall recipe, and a Great Big THANK YOU.

How can I ever thank you? I mean, really?? Your response to my new book yesterday just brought me straight to my knees, thanking God that I am blessed to be able to do this. Able to blog while my twins are throwing the ball across my lap, or in front of my view... Thankful [...]

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Time for a cup of Tea? Or a dose of medicine? All about drying your own herbs…

Do you like to cook?    Or how about drinking a cup of tea? source credit    Do you like to use natural cleaners?    Do you look for healthy alternatives to using tons of over the counter medications to keep your family healthy? If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, [...]

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Waste Not, Want Not………the Many ways to use up an ear of Corn……..

   Garden season is in high swing around here in the balmy North. Although I have not gotten much produce yet from my own gardens, I have been seriously spending my time canning up what I can get, and filling our pantry for the coming year.    I have noticed two things lately that keep [...]


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