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Why I am Checking my Food Storage list….twice.

One would think in the middle of harvest season, I would be less concerned with what is on my shelf and instead focused on what it in the garden, but if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is to keep track of where we are at, and where I want [...]

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Ten TOTALLY amazing posts for Throwback Thursday…and they all have to do with Canning!

Its that time of year again, isnt it? Time that the garden starts reproducing, time that the farmer's markets with all their awesome temptations and great deal start cropping up. Time where we know summer is in full bounty and we want to put it away for those long, cold winter months ahead. And then [...]

Why I started making my own dog food…and broke all my own rules in doing so…

Sometimes rules are good. For example, keeping us safe, protecting us, protecting others. So when I started looking into making my own dogfood for our totally awesome, and amazing puppy Kodiak, (who is just over 4 months old today and resembles a baboon for some reason) I realized very quickly that two things were going [...]

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How 27 Pumpkins from 2012 are STILL feeding our Family–Tasty Tuesday!

I was blown away by a friend's comment last night,  and had to simply post about it.       She has quite a few family members that celebrate Halloween, and so consequently, she had about 15 pumpkins lining her deck and walkway up to her house. Here it is, only a few days after [...]

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Starting a personal Food Storage 101—links, ideas, and suggestions…

Good morning everyone!     While I am somewhat glad that our inept politicians came to an agreement yesterday to fund the government, for another three months, I see it as the respite before another huge fight in a couple months that will plunge us all into concern and anxiety again as we wait for [...]

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Thoughtful Thursday–Heartbreaking and Forgotten

Good Morning to you!   For those awesome readers who do not like it when I wax political or "dooms-dayish" then today is most likely a day you want to skip over, or at very least skim over and move on to the recipes or something. Because I am deeply, incredibly disturbed by something going [...]

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When the Squash takes over your dining room…..and a recipe to use it up. :)

                                Good Morning, everyone! What a crazy weekend we had here at the real Welcoming House! First on Friday we had the county fair. We also had the blessing to be able to attend the rodeo and take a gander at the rabbit barn, which made my day. My rabbits would have rocked the fair, [...]

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5 Meals you can Heat and Eat….Make it Yourself Monday….

Happy Make-It-Yourself-Monday Morning  to ya! I had a busy weekend trying to potty train two Littles and that took up a majority of my time, instead of being able to blog, so I just relied on your generosity to wait for me to get my ducks in a row on the Meals in a Jar [...]

What to do with Meats…….Learning to Preserve the Basics (day four)

Happy Monday Morning to you all! I am very excited about the rest of this week as we touch on a few other items and ways of preserving that we do here at the real Welcoming House. Today and tomorrow we are going to be talking about different ways of processing and preserving meat in [...]

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Learning to Preserve the Basics—The Beauty of Dried Beans….

Welcome back to Day two of our newest series: If you missed the first day, just click here to catch up. Today is another easy tutorial on a staple food that many cultures and climates use to supplement their diets in place of meats, or to ease the strain of the cost of meat on [...]

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